In April 2012 I deployed to Helmand Province an idealistic British soldier having believed the media narrative of the conflict we were engaged in thereSix months later I left Camp Bastion knowing I had been party to a criminal enterprise managed by incompetent generals, corrupt politicians and merciless profiteers. 

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Opium harvesting besides Camp Bastion: from poppies grown on Afghan government land,
in fields irrigated by ISAF, using fertiliser donated by the US and guarded by British soldiers / April 2012

The aim of this criminal enterprise was profit and power - profit for the arms suppliers, logistics contractors, military contractors and power for the generals, politicians and civil servants dishing out these £££ billion contracts. It was a criminal enterprise run with absolutely no regard to the stated mission and without thought to the cost in blood, 
misery or suffering - regardless of whether it was British, American or Afghan, military or civilian.

Location 5

We were formally ordered to stone, fire mini-flares at and threaten with loaded pistols the Afghan children
who threw stones at our armoured convoys as we passed through their villages / Summer 2012

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The British guard towers that fifteen heavily armed Talbiban walked between on 14th September 2012, after breaching the defences seen on the right here. They gained access to Bastion’s airfield where they destroyed $400-million of equipment including decimating an entire squadron of Harrier Jump Jets,  and killing two US Marines - a Lt Colonel and a Sergeant.

It is my intention is to seek genuine accountability of the most senior British command, military and political.
I believe they have acted criminally, breaking military, civilian and international law, including:

Dereliction of duty

Complicity in the production of a Class A drug 

Formal orders that amounted to War Crimes 

Procurement corruption 

Misconduct in public office

My actions and progress will be updated on the Diary page with accompanying reports.

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Author and Photographer, Anthony C Heaford. On top cover duties in Nadi-Ali, June 2012

© Anthony C Heaford 2016