I'm not a journalist, writer or investigator. I am a witness to some very significant matters:

In September 1997, when employed as a field service technician by a British engineering company, I was sent to install printing machinery in a new factory in Yemen. That factory turned out to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company in Taiz city, 17-miles south of Al Qa’idah town. I visited both locations, taken to an unscheduled meeting one mile from Al Qaidah town (as shown in this google maps link) on my last day in Yemen, just after I’d been introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed by the man they called “The Chief”, Mr Saeed Alrobadi.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s hosts & financiers, from 1987 to 9/11
· How I met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s financiers at an industry exhibition in April 1997 Chicago
· Details of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company in Yemen and my introduction to him on 26 Sept 1997
· The EXACT origin of the 9/11 attack plan, including where, when, who and how the plot was initiated

I’m documenting my experiences for the public record so the evidence I’ve presented can be acted upon, 
and in hope that I'll be offered the witness protection I feel my testimony justifies   Anthony C Heaford  

Entirely separately, during my military service with the British army in 2012 Afghanistan, I witnessed:

·  An Afghan civilian human shield used to protect our NATO convoy from a possible IED
· British forces protecting opium production from interference by Afghan Security Forces
·  British Command Profiteering and Criminality That Cost Two US Marines Their Lives

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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