In April 2012 I deployed to Helmand Province an idealistic British soldier having believed the media narrative of the conflict we were engaged in thereSix months later I left Camp Bastion knowing I had been party to a criminal enterprise managed by incompetent generals, corrupt politicians and merciless profiteers. 

The aim of this criminal enterprise was profit and power - profit for the arms suppliers, logistics contractors, military contractors and power for the generals, politicians and civil servants dishing out these £££ billion contracts. It was a criminal enterprise run with absolutely no regard to the stated mission and without thought to the cost in blood, 
misery or suffering - regardless of whether it was British, American or Afghan, military or civilian.

It is my intention to seek genuine accountability of the most senior British command, military and political.
I believe they have acted criminally, breaking military, civilian and international law, including:

Dereliction of duty

Complicity in the production of a Class A drug 

Formal orders that amounted to War Crimes 

Procurement corruption 

Misconduct in public office

My actions and progress will be updated on the Diary page with accompanying reports.

a Cfn 'Crazy Eyes' Heaford copy

Author and Photographer, Anthony C Heaford. On top cover duties in Nadi-Ali, June 2012

© Anthony C Heaford 2016