14 April 2020 - My al Qaeda contact's name correction

Correction to my report titled ”The Yemeni Business Conglomerate Behind al_Qaeda  

I had previously identified my principle al Qaeda liaison in Yemen as being called Yasser Saeed: that is incorrect. 

The contact name I was given before my visit was Ahmed Alrobaidi, but my actual contact’s name - the man who intorduced me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - was Saeed Alrobaidi. The members of al Qaeda I met in the HQ of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group in Taiz called him “the Chief”.

Image below: The first customer data base entry is the one I made before travelling to Yemen; I created the second corrected database entry for YemPak whilst I was inside the customers factory in Taiz, Yemen

genpak yempak database entry copy postit

Yasser Saeed remains connected to the al Qaeda front company I visited though; his name is on an online listing for the company, which was called YemPak. During my visit to Yemen the Pakistani machine operators told me YemPak was an abbreviation of Yemen-Pakistan (collaboration).

HSA Mohamad A Salem saeed alrobaidi

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