22 Sept 2019 - Chris Reismeier - Director of the 9/11 Cover-up 

9/11 Evidence and Testimony IGNORED by the Military Commission

Chris Reismeier is a former US Navy Rear Admiral and is the current 9/11Convening Authority and Director of the Office of Military Commissions. As of this week Mr. Reismeier is also complicit in deceiving the American nation about the truth behind 9/11.

This, in my eyes, makes Chris Reismeier a criminal. He has chosen to be party to the on-going crimes of the United States government and its agencies.

My evidence for this grave allegation is the contents of my emails copied below that Mr. Reismeier has received. He has not acknowledged my evidence submissions but I know Mr. Reismeier is 100% aware of my assertions that the 9/11 plot was initiated in Yemen in 1997, inspired by travel warnings I had given to the Pakistani employees of the customer I was visiting. 

My proof of Reismeiers knowledge of my evidence submissions is the final email copied below, an invitation to interview from investigators working for the 9/11 Military Commission. The Guantanamo Bay legal office has confirmed to me that for such an invitation to have been sent it had to have already been authorised by all parties to the trials, and by British security service too.

My evidence submissions to Mr. Reismeier

HSA Mohamad A Salem

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