06.06.15 Private Eye Magazine an Unwitting Patsy for an Establishment Cover-up?



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The corrupt Private Eye defence correspondent Paul Vickers, aka Squarebasher, died suddenly in October 2017. His death came just three-months after I exposed the lies that Ian Hislop published in the magazine’s “What a lot of Poppycock” report.

Link to my ‘Death of a Journalist report

Despite being fully aware of the lies he published Ian Hislop has failed to correct Private Eye’s liable against a senior Afghan politician and to date has issued no apology to me. I am sorry that Paul Vickers died but I am not sorry I exposed his lies or Private Eye magazine's shameless use as an establishment tool.


The Private Eye Magazine’s “What a lot of Poppycock” Pro-government Propaganda

Private Eye Opium Article 2

In 2015 I passed detailed first-hand information to Private Eye magazine, including photos and allegations of British military complicity in the production of a class A drug. I was stunned when they published a report entitled: 
“What a lot of poppycock”. 

This shameless journalistic hatchet job left out the most critical points of my allegations whilst also claiming the opium production occured on land controlled by former Helmand governor Mohammad Daud. This was a lie - the land was in fact controlled by Washir district governor, Mohammad Daud Noorzai.  I believe this was a deliberate act to hide British complicity with the Noorzai clan’s opium production, which would then expose to entire fallacy of NATO's claimed poppy erradication efforts - which have cost over $8-billion to date

A link my report published in August 2015 by globalresearch.ca :

Opium Harvesting : Bastion Perimeter 2012 copy

Private Eye’s report and their apparent refusal to publish a correction exposes the magazine editor’s claim to possess ‘journalistic integrity when it came to reporting military matters’ for what it’s worth - not worth the price of the comic book paper the “What a lot of poppycock” report was published on.  

My original photo used by Private Eye magazine:

Daoud Mohammad, aka Mohammad Daud Noorzai

And this is a photo of Mohammad Daud Noorzai, the Washir district governor, with Afghan, British & US forces in a meeting about control of this land, with text below from the US Marine Corp public website: 

"Marines with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, provided transportation for Daoud Mohammad, the Washir district governor, and Afghan National Army soldiers from the 215th Corps, during shuras, or meetings, with local Afghans outside of Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, Aug. 19.

Mohammad, who represents the district which Camp Leatherneck falls in, visited with locals of Shorab City and another village to the south of the city. Both villages lie just outside Camps Leatherneck and Bastion, the province’s largest coalition bases.”

But Private Eye & Ian Hislop still want us to believe it was  the other Mohammad Daud -  Engineer Daud - who controlled the land. This claim is based on two unnamed sources - “an Afghan and a Canadian one” apparently.

I believe this is a deliberate lie to hide the British military's active complicity in the production of a class A drug, and our endorsement of the Noorzai clan of Washir's control of the opium trade in Helmand.

See you in court Mr Hislop?

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