4 May 2015, London: My Yemen report & photos emailed to Met police & media outlets

On 3 May I found the photo contact sheet of thumb nail size images of my 1997 visit to Yemen. I realised the man in my photos, who was introduced to me as ‘the Engineer’, was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I compiled a seven-page report detailing my visit to Taizz, Yemen in 1997 and meetings with suspected al Qaeda members. 

I emailed this report to the New York Times, Guardian newspaper, Al Jazeera news, Press TV, RTTV, Channel4, Private Eye magazine and Metropolitan police counter terrorism unit SO15: My email to SO15, 4 May 2015

This is an un-redacted .pdf of that seven-page dossier, please click image to open full document: 

The New York Times, 
the Guardian newspaper,
al Jazeera news channel,
PressTV, RTTV, 
UK’s Channel4, 
Private Eye magazine

Concurrent event: One month after I sent Al Jazeera news my report linked above, they published this video about Yemen President Saleh supporting Al Qaeda in Yemen and even supplying them with explosives:


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