2 April 2015, London: My phone call to Met police counter terrorism unit

Prompted by the Saudi led military coalition attacking on Yemen starting 26 March 2015 I called the Metropolitan police counter terrorism hotline for the second time (the first being January 2009) to report my vague suspicions of having met al Qaeda members in 1997 Taiz. 

I was listened to before being advised someone will contact me back; I've never been contacted back. 

In a second or third call the Metropolitan police counter terrorism hotline in April I advised them I’d found out (by asking my brother Nigel to check the family company data base) the name of the purchase agents - Longulf Trading. I thought Longulf was registered in the UAE when it is in fact the London office of the Yemeni owned, Dubai based (since 2015) Hayel Saeed Anam Group.

The call handler asked me about my journey to the meeting on the 26 September 1997 in Yemen. I described it very accurately, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I’d given them enough information to ascertain that my meeting was very close to Al Qa’idah town. Google maps directions from HSA Group HQ to my meeting place by Al Qaidah.

The Metropolitan police counter terrorism hotline call handlers continued to refuse to give me an email address so I could send them a copy of the photo of me and Yousef sharing dinner at my hotel in Taiz on 25 September 1997.


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