30.11.18 - al Qaeda’s Bomb Making Academy 

PO Box 5302, Taiz, Yemen


PO Box 5302 was the address of al Qaeda’s bomb making academy from 1996 onwards. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a bomb making specialist was there and so was Ahmed al Darbi, a Saudi national convicted of al Qaeda membership and assisting in the 2002 bombing of the MV Limburg ship off the Aden coast.

The PO Box 5302 address was used by the US Embassy in 1996, when they sourced industrial chemicals from the USA for the company that hosted this bomb making academy. This was cited by the US Embassy as an “export opportunity”.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ahmed al Darbi were know as the Engineer and the Mechanic within al Qaeda also ad acces to copious ammounts of toluene 

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