20 Oct 2019 - Journalism - a Soulless Profession

Journalism - a Soulless Profession

By Anthony C Heaford, 20 Oct 2019

I've contacted or been contacted by about a dozen journalists since 2015, all through my efforts to be a Whistleblower exposing British military crimes as well as al Qaeda’s operational centre in Yemen where the 9/11 plot was initiated in 1997, inside the HQ of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group.

To date only Private Eye magazine has published anything about my reports - my photos & testimony of the British army protecting an Afghan politician’s opium harvest. Private Eye's defense correspondant Paul Vickers did a hatchet job on the info I passed him in an attempt to protect the British army and to also destroy me. It took me two years of research but I exposed his lies and three months later Vickers ‘died suddenly’ according to the magazine’s less than kind obituary about the man.

The most recent contact I received was two-weeks ago, from an investigative journalist called Kit Klarenberg who writes most often for Sputnik News. As with most contacts with such journalists, my conversation with Kit has left me feeling somewhat dirty and used, and nervous as to what’s to come with regards to my character assassination by the main stream media when that time comes.

My conclusion about Kit Klarenberg is he was fishing for personal information, trying to get himself an exclusive without any consideration to me, his source. Or perhaps he was just trying to get something to sell to the corrupt MSM; either way it had nothing to do with reporting the Truth in my opinion. Is Kit Klarenberg part of the dark state looking to destroy me as Paul Vickers of Private Eye magazine once tried to do? Quite possibly.

Here’s my conversation with Kit in full, to demonstrate the levels of information that journalists already have but will not report publically, I assume because they lack either the courage or the integrity. This conversation began after Kit replied to one of my tweets saying “We must chat" 

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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