Britain Is Hosting & Protecting 9/11’s Financiers

By Anthony C Heaford, 15 July 2021 

The British Empire was born of terrorism - Aboriginal genocides, mass starvations, chemical weapon use against civilians, etc.

Queen Elizabeth’s dynasty was secured by terrorism too, with the genocidal Harrying-of-the-North by William the Bastard, Elizabeth’s 22nd Great-GrandfatherAnd, just as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Queen Elizabeth  is a silent proponent of modern day global terrorism - it's a tool her cabal uses to maintain their dominance.

Who is in Elizabeth Windsor’s cabal? It’s essentially the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) with a side order of Freemasonry. My parents are part of it - industrious Freemasons who were and are willing to sacrifice everything and anything for their place in that criminal cabal. In their case they were introduced to the Central Intelligence Agency (through old-school and old-money connections) and asked to supply printing machinery to dictators (el Salvador in 1986) and terrorist financiers (al Qaeda in 1993 & 97), which they did and for which they were rewarded with Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement in 1987 & 1995. They also recieved a $1-million pay-off from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s financiers - a payment clearly visible in section 22 of their online annual accounts of 2000 (a payment that coincided with the December 1999 activation of the 9/11 plot).

I can substantiate all the above claims, but perhaps the clearest indication I am right is the lack of response to my reports about this matter. British police, secret services, parliament, government, etc have ALL been informed of my claims and yet I have never been formally interviewed.

Here are recordings, receipts and documents that show my reporting efforts and reaffirm that Mrs Windsor’s cabal has infested every corner of our society and are now destroying it from within. They are parasites.

After two years of reporting my knowledge of the 9/11 terrorists to British security services without success I arranged a meeting with my Member of Parliament, Graham Brady. Brady signed for a dossier of intel I handed to him and he did share that dossier with parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, with British Secret Services and with the political officer at the US embassy. There was NEVER any response:

brady dossier receipt


The cabal’s response to my reporting efforts was for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to accuse me of claiming to work FOR al Qaeda. Given my documented reporting of terrorist activity going back to April 2015 GMP must be out of their tiny littleminds, something that explains why that police farce is now in special measures. Here’s a recording of me telling DS Kelly of GMP EXACTLY who al Qaweda’s financial backers in London were:

Here’s my reporting effort to British domestic Military Intelligence (MI-5) from February 2021:

And this is my most recent effort, July 2021, reporting my grave concerns to British Counter terrorism Police:

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian