Parliamentary Standards 09.01.18

HoC commissioner redacted

As detailed in my Misconduct in Public Office report I have incontrovertible proof of criminal behaviour by Government Ministers and Members of Parliament. The crime that has been committed is misconduct in public office, an offence that carries a maximum life term. Whilst this is a police matter, to date no police force has the courage to pursue the allegations (Greater Manchester Police even made up laws in an attempt to avoid doing their duty). So I wrote to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, a Ms Kathryn Stone asking for her assistance or advice on how to report crimes.

Ms Stone, the Standards Commissioner, has responded and the letter is copied below. Her response can be  summarised as:

Not my problem, go away

My conclusion is that our ‘democracy’ is a charade and we are ruled over by a bunch of self-serving liars, criminals and profiteers who would sacrifice the national interest for their own personal gain.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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