21 March 2023 - My Last 9/11 Secret

My 9/11 timeline details my meeting with Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s financiers in Chicago in April 1997, my 9/11 premonition whilst on a flight from Boston to Toronto in June, my introduction to ’the Engineer’ (KSM) in Yemen that September, and my first and last warnings of the attacks too. But there’s one piece of information I’ve deliberately left out; it's from my last warning given to Dan Barkochba in Brooklyn in December 1997. I’ve decided to reveal that now; it's detailed below (bold italics).

I knew my November / December business visit to the USA was my last and I decided to go against the advice I’d been given by my employer's senior service technician Dave Hughes and give one last warning about my 9/11 prediction. The machine installation in Brooklyn seemed the perfect time to do that but I didn’t have a plan. Then whilst in the customers factory the opportunity arose when the machine operators I was training asked me if I’d be visiting the World Trade Centre on my day off. I shared my warning with them and when I asked who else I could tell they fetched Dan Barkochba. After I’d repeated my warning Barkochba said he had good security service contacts and he would pass my warning on. That’s when I added the following information, something I’ve not spoken publicly about before:

I told Dan Barkochba I’d recently been in Yemen, that I had given the same warning there when the machine operators had asked me about visiting New York as tourists, and most significantly, that I had had a series of very unusual meetings. I was hesitant to share this detail with anyone because my suspicions were very vague and I did not want to cause issues for people in Yemen who I had liked. But given the gravity of the topic I decided to tell Barkochba about Yemen because I thought that was the detail that would guarantee me the interview with US security services I wanted. I stressed to Barkochba that I really need to talk to someone in authority about that visit and that I was relying on him to convey that to the security services. But I was never contacted. There was no response.

The point I am making here is that in December 1997 I without doubt had enough information to have stopped 9/11, and probably the 1998 US embassy bombings and the 2000 USS Cole attack too. Someone, either Dan Barkochba or whoever he passed my warning to prevented that. 9/11 did not have to happen. Someone allowed the plot to progress unhindered, and that person was not me.

In hindsight I now suspect very strongly that my last visit to the USA, and specifically to Brooklyn was a setup - a deliberate test by my employer’s US salesman Dave Dean to see if I would repeat the warning I had given in Yemen. I guess I passed the test and confirmed to Dean I wasn’t an enemy of the USA when I gave my warning in Yemen and that it had been a genuine warning given out of concern to fellow travellers. Although the information above is the last detail I’ve deliberately withheld, there is more information I have but stuff that I could only explain clearly in a professional debriefing - mostly the politics of my Father’s company and details of my conversation with Yousef in Yemen (one of the two men I met there who I’d liked - the other was Dino, aka Ahmed al-Darbi).

Foot Note: Dan Barkochba was the only person who heard me relate my very specific 9/11 style attack warning to my experiences and conversations in Yemen. I had tried to tell the first person I spoke to on my return from Yemen in 1997 - my works manager Tony Preece - but he really didn’t want to know, as detailed here.

Diary entries December 1997 - Customer Data base entry for Ultra Creative [Ultra Flex]
1997 photo c
ontact sheet of my machine installations in Oct Jakarta [#3], Dec Brooklyn [#5] & Dec Dubai [#11]

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