11 February 2021, Britain: A Terrorist Protecting Police State

Mr. Brady is my representative in Parliament, the Tory party member of parliament for Sale & Altrincham. Mr Brady is fully aware of my allegation that Greater Manchester Police won’t investigate my claims of having met al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen and my being able to identify al Qaeda facilitators, financiers & profiteers in Yemen, London and Greater Manchester, as per my email of 2021 below:

From: Anthony C Heaford   To: Office of Graham Brady MP 
Subject: Constituent support request    Sent: Monday, February 8, 2021 2:14 PM

Mr Brady

Subject: My knowledge of al Qaeda’s presence in Yemen (at the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ), al Qaeda's financiers in London (Longulf Trading) & [an Altrincham business] that provided material support to al Qaeda.

You are already aware of this subject matter having forwarded my Intel dossier to the SIS, the US embassy and to parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee in 2017. You are also aware that when I tried to report said terrorist activity to Greater Manchester Police they refused to investigate and instead falsely accused me of claiming to work for al Qaeda.

Please know that none of the parties you passed my dossier to have responded to me and that Greater Manchester Police remain unaccountable via the IPCC or HMICFRS for their failure to investigate my report of [the Altrincham business] association with terrorists and their false terrorist association accusations against me.

Given the incredibly serious nature of this matter - international terrorist financiers & facilitators operating with impunity in Britain - I need your advice and assistance in ensuring that someone takes responsibility for this matter and ensures my reports and allegations are investigated fully.

Please advise by return if you are willing and how you are able to support my efforts to report said terrorist activity in Britain. I hope the fact that the directors of [the Altrincham business] have financed you with private donations throughout your entire political career will not limit your ability to investigate their involvement with al Qaeda’s financiers in Britain and with an operational al Qaeda cell in Yemen.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony C Heaford

Mr Brady refuses to provide parliamentary support to me in this matter, saying he can’t intervene in:

legal matters, investigations, or court cases."

There is no court case. This isn’t a legal matter, it's criminal activity - terrorism. Therefore I can only conclude that there is an investigation going on. I have recordings and documents proving Greater Manchester Police have actively stalked and spied on me from c.2016 to 2019, and investigated me throught my NHS doctor, but refuse to formally interview me about my allegations of terrorist activity in Altrincham, London and Yemen.

Mr Brady’s reply is copied below, and below that the same report to the British Home Secretary’s office, Priti Patel  in 2019, of Greater Manchester Police protecting the financiers. The Home Office response was the same as Brady’s - they won’t intervene:

"I should explain that the police are operationally independent of Government, and that it would not be appropriate for Ministers or officials to comment on, or intervene in, a specific case, investigation or complaint. This is to ensure the police can carry out their duties independently and make decisions free from political influence."

Greater Manchester Police are protecting international terrorist financiers, facilitators & profiteers, including in Greater Manchester, and there’s nothing my parliamentary representative or the highest government ministers will do about it.  Britain is a terrorist protecting police state.

The police regulatory bodies that Brady & the Home Office refer me to have obstructed and hindered my formal complaints too, rendering them useless.

From: Office of Graham Brady   To: Anthony C Heaford
Re: Constituent support request  Thu 11/02/2021 14:38

Dear Mr Heaford,

Thank you for your email.

As you state, as your MP I was happy to forward documentation onto the relevant departments when you first approached me over this matter. This was to give you some additional confidence the information was received.

As I am sure you will appreciate however, the matters you are referring to are legal in nature. As an MP I cannot intervene in legal matters, investigations, or court cases.

I would therefore direct you to the relevant legal authority, which in this case would be the police, and if you are concerned about misconduct within the GMP itself, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Best wishes.

Sir Graham Brady MP

My 2019 correspondence with then Home Secretary Priti Patel:

From: Anthony C Heaford     To: Home Office Public Inquiries
Subject: F.A.O. Home Secretary Ms Priti Patel       Sent: 24 Oct 2019,13:32

Ms Patel

I can prove that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are actively protecting the terrorist financiers of the group known as al Qaeda. They are doing this by failing to formally acknowledge my reports of the London company Longulf Trading having financed & facilitated al Qaeda.

Today I have been removed from the Prevent [terrorism] register by GMP after they admitted making false allegations against me. They have also formally acknowledged that I have worked in al Qaeda’s operational areas.

Please find my report and evidence on this matter published on my website here: https://thequietmancunian.com/diary/24-oct-2019---are-british.html

I expect and anticipate your urgent attention to and action upon this report.

Anthony C Heaford

The Home Office reply:

From: Home Office Direct Communications Unit      To: Anthony C Heaford
Reference: TRO/00162XX/19            Sent: 5 November 2019

Dear Mr Heaford

Thank you for your email of 24 October to the Home Secretary. As I hope you will appreciate, the Home Secretary receives a large amount of correspondence and is unable to reply to each piece individually. Your email has therefore been forwarded to the Direct Communications Unit and I have been asked to reply.

I should explain that the police are operationally independent of Government, and that it would not be appropriate for Ministers or officials to comment on, or intervene in, a specific case, investigation or complaint. This is to ensure the police can carry out their duties independently and make decisions free from political influence.

The best way to make a complaint is to contact the police force involved. Police force websites include information about how to complain. A complaint can also be made to a police force by using an online form available on the website of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) at: https://policeconduct.gov.uk/complaints-and-appeals/make- complaint.

A short guide to the police complaints system is also available on the IOPC’s website at:

https://policeconduct.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Documents/Complaint_forms/A_guide_to_th e_system.pdf.

Yours sincerely

Michael Prior


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