24 Oct 2019 - Are British Police Working FOR al Qaeda?

Greater Manchester Police Are Actively Protecting Al Qaeda’s Operational Structure

By Anthony C Heaford, 24 October 2019

From the available evidence and my recent experiences I can only conclude that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are working in league with al Qaeda - the terrorist organisation that triggered the 18-year War-on-Terror.

In the letter linked here, GMP have cleared me of having worked with Al Qaeda in Yemen.
Here’s a photo of me with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in 1997 Yemen, just before I visited Al Qa’idah.

Critically, they also formally acknowledge that I've worked in areas where al Qaeda were operationally active. And yet British Counter Terrorism police are making every effort to avoid taking a formal statement from me - their inaction is literally protecting al Qaeda’s multi-billion dollar sponsors. I can therefore state catagorically that BRITISH POLICE ARE PROTECTING AL QAEDA. 

When the next terrorist attack murders & maims British citizens let it be known that such an attack will have been enabled in part by GMP's Counter Terrorism unit inaction. The blood of innocent victims of such an attack will be on British police’s hands because their masters are more concerned about protecting a multi-million pound London company who have been financing international terrorism since at least 1997, the same year I first met that company's directors in Chicago, USA.

That terrorist sponsoring London company is Longulf Trading, a subsiduary of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group. I have tried countless times to bring these facts to British security service’s attention, most recently to two officers from GMP’s Counter Terrorism unit, as recorded by me here:

So this morning, upon the receipt of the letter from Greater Manchester Police clearing me of having worked for al Qaeda, I can state catagorically that the British state, British police and British security services are without doubt working in league with the terrorist organisation called al Qaeda.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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