18 Feb 2020 - Barnett Rubin is a Liar, Part of the 9/11 Cover-up

Barnett Rubin is an esteemed academic, advisor to the US government and a consultant in the Afghan Peace Process; he is also a liar and part of the plot to hide the Truth about 9/11.

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In his Washington Post opinion piece Mr Rubin asserts that 9/11 was planned in Kuala Lumpa and Malaysia then states that Osama bin Laden deceived them, his hosts, the Taliban, and ordered the 9/11 attacks from Afghanistan. All of those are false statements - deliberate lies by Mr Rubin to construct a new narrative in history.

September 1997 - Yemen and Germany
I initiated the 9/11 plot in Yemen. The planning stage of 9/11 was immediately delegated to the Hamburg Cell in Germany.

November 1999 - Afghanistan
The Hamburg Cell travelled to Afghanistan, laying a false trail of blame to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. This was arranged by Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, the Taliban’s enemy but Saudi Arabia and the CIA's ally.

January 2000 - Malaysia
A 4-day meeting in Kuala Lumpa of two Hamburg Cell members (9/11 pilots), two 
Saudi national future 9/11 muscle hijackers and their Asian allies.

January 2000 - USA
First two Saudi national muscle hijackers arrive in the USA.

March 2000 - Germany
Hamburg Cell members return to Germany.

June 2000 - USA
Hamburg Cell members (three future hijacker/pilots) arrive in USA and begin flight training.

August 2001 - Afghanistan / USAAbdul Rasul Sayyaf gains access for two assassins posing as journalists gain access to Ahmah Shah Massoud. Sayyaf sends a message to the 9/11 hijackers in the USA to execute the 9/11 operation in three weeks. 

09 September 2001 - Afghanistan
Just short of three weeks since Sayyaf’s message, the assassins sent by Sayyaf murdered Ahmad Shah Massoud.

11 September 2001 - USA
The 9/11 attacks are carried out as planned.

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