al Qaeda in Yemen - Who Knew & When

by Anthony C Heaford - 12 December 2018 

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On March 25 2017 I handed Mr Graham Brady MP this one page summary as part of a dossier of evidence containing enough information to identify EXACTLY where, when and how the 9/11 plot was instigated. Mr. Brady signed a receipt for said dossier and two days later wrote to me saying my al Qaeda in Yemen dossier had been forwarded to the appropriate organisations.

Mr Brady MP then spent the next 18-months trying to prevent me knowing exactly which organisations he deemed ‘appropriate’ to receive my al Qaeda dossier.

I finally won that battle with Mr Brady’s office in September this year and here’s who he sent my  al Qaeda in Yemen dossier:

Mr Thomas Williams, The US Embassy's Political Minister, London

Brady US embassy Thomas williams

The US Embassy’s Political Officer is Mr Thomas Williams; his professional ressume is listed here (2nd to last on the page). His career postings have included Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Make what you will of the man’s job title, ‘political minister’, but judging by the hand-written note added to this letter, he and Brady are already on familiar terms.


The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) of Parliament

Dominic Grieve

The ISC is "appointed to oversee the work of the intelligence machinery of the United Kingdom”. There are nine Members of Parliament on the committee and my dossier was sent to the Chairperson, Mr Dominic Grieve QC MP.

Other committee members: Richard Benyon MP, Ian Blackford MP, Caroline Flint MP, David Hanson MP, Robin Janvrin MP, Kevan Jones MP, Michael Ancram MP and Keith Simpson MP. 

Secret Intelligence Services (M.I.6)

mi6 s

Apparently not even Mr. Brady knows who works at M.I.6 because he sent a dossier detailing the origin of the 9/11 plot to the Secret Intelligence Service’s general inquiries desk. 

But none the less, this is my formal reciept for M.I.6 having being sent my dossier by a sitting Member of Parliament, Mr Graham Brady.

The Response

None of the government, diplomatic or security entities and individuals noted above have ever contacted me back or expressed further interest in my testimony. But that changed in March 2018 when I was contacted by the US 9/11 Military Commission. The military judge sitting at the Guantanamo Bay court, a Colonel James Pohl, deemed my testimony worthy of sending a team of Pentagon based investigators to Manchester to interview me over a four day period.

It has been confirmed to me by the Guantanamo Bay military legal advice office that both Colonel Pohl and the prosecution teams are fully aware of my testimony. This confirmation was via telephone in April 2018; when I called and asked if the Judge and prosecution attorney’s were also aware of my evidence; the young woman answered like Rachel from ‘Friends’ (a tv series) and said “Duh, Yeah!”.

The Missing Link

If British security services, politicians, government ministers and the US embassy political officer all knew of my evidence in 2017 as documented above, why was contacted back by 9/11 investigators employed by the Pentagon via the personal facebook account of a serving US army officer?

The officer who contacted me is a senior investigator working for the military commission. When he contacted me, a potential witnesses of the very start of al Qaeda’s plans to attack the USA on 9/11, this man did it from his private facebook account which carried a photo of him with two young children at some kind of hippy festival.

Bottom line is that the US 9/11 military commission are investigating 9/11 via their private profiles on facebook.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian