Diary, 6th Oct 2020: Writing My Own Death Sentence

Writing My Own Death Sentence 

This report implicates the British Special Air Service in the 1970s ‘Dirty War’ fought in Ireland.

It exposes one of their operating methods used for the extrajudicial murders, false flag attacks and general criminal activity that they are known to have carried out in Northern Ireland. It also exposes criminal gang activity protected by police corruption at the behest of members of the Special Air Service (SAS) here in Britain.

This information comes from a former SAS member (Brian) via his son (Jason) who was my good friend and work colleague for thirteen years. That friendship ended after I’d returned from my military service in Afghanistan and only after I had spoken out about my disgust for the British army policies I’d seen practiced in that War. My moral stance didn’t sit well with either my friend or his father and I believe it resulted two repercussions:

·      my hospitalization caused by illicit sleeping pills given to me by my former friend (Jason), pills that also caused the hospitalization and sectioning of Jason’s estranged wife too who he’d also supplied with the same illicit pills

·      the sudden death of my seven year old dog. That happened twelve months after I’d returned from Afghanistan, just as I was formalising my complaints against the British army and when the former SAS soldier (Brian) was looking after my dog for a few weeks

I now believe Jason’s intention in supplying me with those very dangerous pills was malicious, based on the fact that when handing them over he repeatedly tried to get me to take one prior to my undertaking a motorway car journey. If I had of followed his suggestion I now realise it would very likely have resulted in a fatal car accident.

How Britain’s Security Services Operate

Brian never spoke of his SAS service to me but his home was full of memorabilia and photos. Despite being long retired when I knew him, Brian still spent a lot of time with the Special Forces community, mostly leading trekking expeditions around Europe.

It was Jason who told me the following information about Brian’s service with the SAS, shared here without embellishment:

·      Brian served with the SAS in the jungles of South East Asia, fighting the counter insurgency battles in Malaysia and training local forces

·      Brian left the regular SAS in 1969 and took up a part-time training and support role with a reserve unit known as 23 SAS, based in Manchester

·      As a reserve soldier Brian also had a civilian day job – “cleaning” used cars at a second hand car show room

Jason was very specific about his father’s part-time civilian job. A fully trained SAS trooper turned Special Forces training instructor had a part-time job that involved cleaning second hand cars at a garage that is located approximately half way between 23 SAS’s Manchester base and the ferry terminals on Britain’s west coast that serve Northern Ireland. When Jason told me this he said it with a wide grin but then quickly changed the subject when I inquired further, essentially refusing to speak about it further.

My Conclusion

Based on what I know of Brian via his son Jason, combined with my wider reading on what was known as ‘Britain’s Dirty War’ in Northern Ireland, I think it is very likely that Brian played a supporting role to covert British units that operated in Northern Ireland from at least 1971 onwards.

SAS MRF-Twitter

It is my suspicion that the claim of Brian’s part time job of ‘cleaning second hand cars’ was in fact alluding to the forensic cleaning of untraceable cars used by covert British military units travelling between 23 SAS’s Manchester base and operations in Northern Ireland. Those covert units were groups such as the Military Reaction Force, its successor the Special Reconnaissance Unit and later on the Force Research Unit.

But that is only my speculation. I have no further evidence to support my conclusion but I hope there’s enough information here to assist others who are more involved with investigating Britain’s historical crimes committed in that ‘Dirty War’.

The Untouchables

Jason also served in the British army, but only part-time with an reserve infantry unit. He was by his own admission more involved in local crime gangs who controlled the nightclub doors and drugs dealing rights in the nearby town of Warrington. The gang he was connected to had established dominance early on, in part when Jason was about sixteen, circa 1985. He told me how he had shot a local rival in the leg with a shotgun but that at the urging of his well connected father, the local police (Greater Manchester Police force) had visited the wounded boy’s family and pressured them into not pressing charges. After that incident Jason said the gang members he was involved with had control of the nightclub doors and drugs supply in Warrington throughout the 1990s.

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill 2019-2021

The reason I am writing this report now is the British government's efforts to pass legislation that would make certain criminal activities by our security services and their agents legal. I hope the details I’ve shared above will give an insight in to the kind of crimes and corruption carried out by our police, military and security services that the British government has tolerated (effective endorsement) for decades already and now wants to make legal.

I will not live in a police state as Britain is rapidly becoming and if the consequences of sharing this information cost me my life, well, at least I’ll of died standing up for what I believe in. Our security service MUST be accountable and cannot be above the law or else we are nothing more than a bandit state drowning in our own hypocrisy.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian