Prevent, Terrorism and the Strategy of Tension

By Anthony C Heaford, 03 February 2020

On the 29 November 2019 two innocent, decent, well-meaning people Jack Merritt, a 25-year-old Cambridge University employee, and Saskia Jones, a 23-year-old volunteer - were murdered by a radicalised extremist at the Fishmongers Hall in London, and just yesterday another radicalised extremist attacked shoppers on Streatham high street in a horrific and unjustified attack. The blame for each incident lies with the perpetrators who I will not dignify by sharing their names. 

But there are others with blood on their hands from these attacks on our nation; the British government and their bloody, corrupt, colonial-esque foreign policies is one. The other is our security services who I believe are deliberately instigating a Strategy of Tension, as was used in Europe in the 1970s. That state sponsored strategy was enacted by enabling certain factions of the Red Brigades to create fear and division.

I'm in an unusual position, one that makes me eminently qualified to comment. Those qualifications are:

·      I’ve served with the British army in the ‘War on Terror’

·      I’ve met some of the most senior members of al Qaeda 

·      I’ve met a CIA backed terrorist of the 1970s Red Army Faction

·      British police have falsely accused me of terrorist inclinations

·      Counter terrorism police have investigated, harassed and intimidated me

·      I’ve been wrongly referred to, but then cleared by, the Prevent terrorism scheme

I intend to collate my experiences and insights in an attempt to expose what the criminally minded British government and security services are doing in the hope that this information will actually help prevent further terrorist attacks and may ultimately save lives. Please bear with me whilst I complete this - it is important.

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work in progress

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