British Tax Havens Used by al Qaeda’s Financiers

by Anthony C Heaford - 18 February 2019
(Last updated 22 Nov 2019)

In March 1997 three family members of the multi-billion dollar Yemeni financiers of al Qaeda started using the British Cayman Islands tax haven - they were Abdullah Saeed, Mohamed Saeed and Dirham Saeed. They did this by becoming directors of a financial shell company called Atlantic Investments Limited which was setup three years earlier by three members of the St Clair-Morgan family - Nicholas, David and Christopher - all apparently residents of the British tax haven of Jersey.

Currently serving Conservative MPs have profited from those Yemeni financiers of al Qaeda, through indirect private donations and billion pound investments in Britain. All those investments and donations can be linked back to the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group family business at a time when they were actually hosting al Qaeda in their headquarters compound in Taiz Yemen.


I can prove a connection between the terrorist group known as al Qaeda and the address given by Abdullah Saeed of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group. 

That address -  P.O. Box 5302, Taiz, Yemen - is the address used by the YemPak (Yemen / Pakistan abbreviation) factory, a business I know was an al Qaeda front. It hosted many Pakistani security guards and at least two known senior al Qaeda figures - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ahmed al-Darbi. 

The chart below is from the leaked Paradise Papers and shows the links between: 

- the Saeed family and the YemPak factory address at PO Box 5302 -
- the Cayman Island based Atlantic Investments Limited and the St Clair-Morgan family of Jersey -

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PO Box 5302:

HSA HSA master

Al Qaeda's 
presence in Yemen was already well known as US ambassador (1997 - 01) Barbara Bodine later said:

"When I got there in 1997, there was already an Al Qaeda presence. We knew about it. The Yemenis knew about it. Everyone knew about it.


"One of the best ways to describe the presence is that they were largely warehousing lower-level people in peripheral areas."

A warehouse becomes a factory.

One month after becoming directors of Atlantic Investments the Saeed family went on a multi-million dollar spending spree in the United States, but using their London office trading name - Longulf Trading. At a printing & packaging industry exhibition at McCormick Place, Chicago they purchase about $3,000,000 of equipment in a matter of a few hours. I was a technician at that exhibition and first met the Saeed family representatives there.

That shopping spree was to purchase industrial machinery to provide a legitimate business front to the warehouses in Yemen where foriegn national al Qaeda members were being trained and were preparing their attacks on the USA. My September 1997 visit to the YemPak al Qaeda front company at PO Box 5302 was as a field service technician, installing the machine purchased by Longulf Trading in Chicago five months earlier.

I believe that the 1998 US embassy bombings, the attack on the USS Cole in Aden harbour in 2000 and the 9/11 attacks were planned and prepared for at PO Box 5302 Taiz and a training base a few miles north, besides al Qa’idah town:

al qaidah meme
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