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My brief military career —  Army appraisal August 2010, Manchester — Army appraisal July 2012, Afghanistan
Lancaster Grammar 1981-87 — Technical Qualifications (JM Heaford Ltd 1988-93, 96-98 & Eltromat 1998-2002)
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Very reluctantly I'm adding my mental health records, linked below, to confirm I’m of sound mind:
"Dr Farid is of the view you do not display psychotic symptoms nor are your experiences delusional

I’m a proverbial no body, a mechanical fitter by trade, born in Greater Manchester in 1970. No kids never married. I grew up in a family with clandestine connections to the British security services, my international travelling businessman father being one of their assets, his printing engineering export business a perfect front. 
I was completely unaware but he still got me involved, as an unwitting and supposedly unquestioning patsy.
He sent me to Yemen in 1997 to install a printing machine sold by his ex-Special Forces US sales agent, a business trip where I met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and was taken to a meeting besides Al Qa’idah town.

My father was given a Queens Award for Export Achievement for selling machinery to terrorist front companies in 1990s Yemen. His customer in Yemen - the Hayel Saeed Anam Group - is a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate with historical ties to the British Empire and intimate links to the London Establishment today. I am wanted for questioning by the US 9/11 Military Commission investigators but they refuse to discuss my witness status and so I declined their invitation. British police refuse to take my statement or investigate my claims but they have stalked and spied on me, and falsely accused me of terrorist inclinations! Other state entities have targeted every aspect of my life for retribution since I became a whistleblower on these matters and on my experiences serving with the British armyin Afghanistan (guarding opium harvesting, using human shields, etc).

I need an intervention by an international legal authority against the actions of a criminal British state that is protecting the financiers of 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and exacting psychological and physical torture upon me. I need witness protection and an independent investigation of my evidenced and documented claims that elements of the British and American security services provided material support to 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and that the current administration is enacting a coverup.

Signed:  Anthony C Heaford

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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