Graham Brady MP - Britain’s most influential politician

Mr. Brady is my representative in Westminster, the Tory member of parliament for Trafford, Greater Manchester. 


As Chairman of the 1922 committee since 2010 and Chairman of the Cayman Islands Group since 2001, Mr. Brady is probably the most influential politician in Britain you may never of heard of. 

He is also a man who mocks veterans publicly, making a joke of our government's unsanctioned military aggression. I know this because I personally have been subject to his taunts. In February 2014 I was invited to attend a breakfast meeting where Mr. Brady was the guest speaker. After his speech I asked the following question:

“Speaking as a veteran of our occupation of Helmand, David Cameron’s assuarnce in August 2013 that he would respect the will of the British parliament and people, and that Britain would not attack Syria, was one of my proudest moments in our democratic system. 

Can you allude to the political machinations that went on behind the scenes of this decision by the government?"

This is the vote and speech by the former prime-minister David Cameron that I was referring to:

Mr. Brady’s response was first to laugh at me as I stood in this public meeting,
and then to move swiftly on after dismissing my question with this curt reply:

“You don’t know everything"

What I believe Mr. Brady was referring to was the fact that at that moment RAF pilots were bombing Syria, just flying US airforce planes instead of British ones. Mr. Brady denies knowing this, but has so far failed to say exactly what it was that he knew that I did not know.

Force TV News 17th July 2015

And, just as the British nation first knew about Britain’s most recent air-strikes attacks on Syria via US President Trump, we were only told about RAF pilots bombing Syria in US jets via a freedom of information (FOI) request made by an non-governmental human rights organisation. And that FOI release was made one-and-a-half years after Mr. Brady had mocked a veteran who had expressed pride in our system of government, laughing at me and saying:

“You don’t know everything"


Legal proceedings against Mr Brady

During my military service in Afghanistan 2012 I was both formally punished and the target of orchestrated bullying for my reasoned and repeated refusal of an order to throw stones at Afghan children as a standard operating proceedure. In October 2013 I felt it my duty to report this to the commander of 42 NW Brigade, a Brigadier Friztgerald, but I made no formal complaint or claim. I had waited six-months after demobilising from the British army so that I would not be subject to military law when raising my concerns. In November 2013 Brigadier Fritzgerald gave me his strongest assurances that I would suffer no further repercussions. 

By April 2014 I had lost two jobs due to an informal army job reference system, operated by an old boys network comprising both still serving and retired British army soldiers. I believe I was given the most damning of references for a soldier, I wouldn’t want to got to War with him, because of my refusal to throw stones at children - an order that appeared to be an 'initiation right’ within my Platoon.

My first contact with Mr. Brady on this matter was May 2014, and I was told that as my consituency MP he would raise the matter on my behalf. After a lot of chasing by myself and EIGHT months later, in January 2015, I got a reply from Ms. Soubry MP (the minister for veterans) stating that she had no control over, or responsibility to control any such informal referencing system. In April 2015 Ms. Soubry claimed that stone throwing was not an endorsed British army policy. This official British army blog entry proves otherwise:

I have requested copies of the correspondence on this matter between Mr. Brady and Ms. Soubry but this request has been refused or ignored at every approach. Having since sought and received professional advice I am now starting proceedings to force Mr. Brady to share the requested correspondence and I shall submit this evidence to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as part of their investigation in to War crimes committed by all sides in the Afghan conflict. For the matter to come under the ICC’s jurisdiction it must be shown that the accused nation is incapable of investigating itself. I believe I will be able to prove obstruction by Mr. Brady and Ms. Soubry MPs in failing to investigate of my original and ongoing punishment for refusing an illegal order.

Mr. Brady’s intelligence failure

brady dossier receipt

In March 2017 I handed Mr. Brady a dossier of information proving al Qaeda links to a $10-billion/annum multinational conglomerate, the HSA Group. Mr. Brady signed for said dossier and gave me assurances that the intelligence would be acted upon.

On the 9th March 2018 I was formally contacted by the US military 9/11 commission  headquartered in Guantanamo Bay - they expressed great interest in my research. 

Within hours of their first formal contact the US military had arranging to send a team of Pentagon led investigators and researchers to interview me in Manchester over a four-day period. 

I have yet to hear back from Mr. Brady MP with regards to any interest in my reports from our security services. So again I am having to begin formal proceedings to establish just exactly what Mr. Brady has or hasn’t done in the course of his duty as a public servant.

Informal References for Mr. Brady