Chief Constable Ian Hopkins of Greater Manchester Police Farce

Part I

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins is the most senior police officer in my home city of Manchester; he is also a disingenuous liar presiding over a criminally corrupt and inherently racist police force. Here’s the evidence:

gmp racist grafiti

February 2019
Racists sprayed this abhorent racist graffiti on the front door of a family in Salford. But despite it being reported to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) they took no action whatsoever for over a week and it was only when they were publicly shamed on twitter did they begin an investigation.

Chief Constable (CC) Ian Hopkins responded on twitter, conceeding that GMP had made ‘a mistake’ but insisting that he wasn’t ashamed by the fact that his force had in fact ignored this racist attack on a decent, law abiding family living in our community.The matter gained national press attention and shamed in to action GMP soon made an arrest based on CCTV footage and other electronic evidence. A  54-year old local man was convicted and jailed  in May 2019 for racially aggravated criminal damage.

Compare and Contrast

CC Ian Hopkins’ lame excuse that the GMP had made a simple ‘mistake’ in not investigating the crime detailed above can be put in to context by their responses to the incidents described below that I was personally involved in:

BDS IMG 1097 copy 2

Summer 2011
The political graffiti pictured here refers to the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanction campaign against Israeli and was sprayed on a sign for Dunham Golf Course, known locally as having a predominently Jewish membership. The golf club has an interesting history, constructed on the site of a former World War Two prisoner of War (POW) camp. Local knowledge claims it was established as a Jewish club because even after the War, local Jews were reputedly still not welcome at the prestigious Mere Golf Club just a few miles away. 

I photographed it because even though I do support the BDS campaign I found it very disconcerting that this political grafitti had been used to target a club known for its predominently Jewish membership. There was additional such political graffiti a few hundred metres away, written in biro on a manhole cover of an underground reservoir; I reported this additional graffiti to the police because, as I’ve already said, despite my support for the BDS movement I found it the targeting of a Jewish club to be unacceptable, regardless of the member’s politics.

Also in 2011 I was preparing for my 2012 deployment to Afghanistan with the British army and used the golf course as a training area - doing eight-mile route marches whilst carrying 20kg dead weight in a rucksack. I used to do this after dark so as not to disturb the golfers and in an attempt to be discreet about my carrying a loaded military rucksack. During one such late night route march a few days or weeks after I’d photographed and reported the grafitti I was apprehended by two men in civilian clothes who effectively ambushed me by shining a torch in my face and demanding to know what I was doing. I already had my torch in my hand and responded by shining it back at them and asking who they were; they responded that they were police officers staking out the golf course in an attempt to catch the graffiti culprits. After being shown a cracked & scuffed plastic I.D. card by one of the men I explained what I was doing before continuing on my way, very unnerved by these two portly middle aged men hanging around a golf course at midnight. When I was a safe distance away I telephoned the police to confirm the men who’d stopped me were police officers which the call handler did. Twenty minutes later the same two men intercepted me again, this time in their car on a nearby road; this time they showed me their police badges before apologising for having surprised me so.

The contrast in GMP’s response to the previously mentioned racist graffiti sprayed on the door of a family home (they did nothing for over a week and then only took action after being publicly shamed on twitter) to their staking out an entire golf course with plain clothed officers in response to political graffiti is very telling as to GMP’s priorities. 

Further comparison must be drawn from GMP’s 2018 response to a desperate call from a Salford Mother who feared for her life after being caught in a local gang feud; that time GMP did not have the man power (or inclination) to stake out the potential perpetrators or provide safe guarding to the Mother and her family. In that tragic matter the family home was attacked that night with petrol bombs, resulting in the murder of four children and the slow and painful death of the Mother who’d pleaded for help to GMP a few hours earlier.

swastika 3

August 2018
Whilst out walking I came across the graffiti pictured here - two swastikas sprayed on the steps of a footpath. I again photographed the graffiti and again reported it to the police, this time by email with the photos and a grid location. Within 48-hours GMP telephoned me and said they were sending two officers to inspect the graffiti and asked me to attend with them - I protested. Aware of GMP’s short staffing and work load I said it was pointless sending officers to look at graffiti - I explained that was why I’d emailed them the photos, a grid reference and the likely time of the crime. I was trying my best to provide them with Intel for their wider investigations without wasting their time. But the police officer was insistent and some what incredulously I said I would attend if they really were going to send officers to attend this ‘crime scene’. Within a few hours two police officers in uniform were outside my home and wanted me to show them to the graffiti site.

swastikas 2

Having escorted the officers to the graffiti site they asked me if I thought this was targeting the Jewish community - I replied that it was offensive to everyone who wasn’t a Nazi or a facist. I went on to say that I’ve lived in the area for over forty-years and in all that time I’d only ever seen a swastika on anti-Nazi league posters back in the 1980s, i.e. this was highly unusual if not unique for this area. I went on to suspeculate that this was probably done by miscreant children in the last week of their summer holidays, or that it was possibly a false flag crime, evidenced by what self-respecting Nazi would spray Swastikas on the ground, where they would be walked over and covered in shit? I was about to give the officers examples of some very relevant such false flag attacks perpetrated by very sick minded individuals (examples here, here, here and here) when the officers began to walk away, suddenly disinterested in my local knowledge that they had seen fit to send two officers out the record (i.e. the reason they asked me to attend the crime scene with them).

Again I ask you to compare Chief Constable Ian Hopkin’s police force's responses to three incidents of graffiti:

NO response whatsoever for over a week to racist graffiti sprayed on the front door of a family’s home, and then only a response when Chief Constable Ian Hopkins was publicly shamed into investigating this abhorrent and serious crime.

Undercover detectives staking out a golf course in the dead of night on the entirely random chance they may apprehend a culprit targeting a Jewish golf course with political (NOT anti-Semitic) graffiti.

The completely uneccessary attendence (I had already sent them all relevent Intel on this crime) by two uniformed officers within 48-hours to view offensive graffiti sprayed on a country footpath.

Add these GMP responses to the equation and I hope you will all see the pattern of behaviour that’s so clear to me: the greatest threat to the British public and our society are the criminally corrupt, professionally incompetent and amoral security services, very specifically Greater Manchester Police in these three most serious cases:

Yousef Makki - a 17-year old honour student at Manchester Grammar School was stabbed through the heart by a known thug and left to bleed to death whilst his killers concocted lies to hide their guilt. GMP managed their investigation so corruptly that the killer was not convicted of either murder or manslaughter, but GMP did manage to convict the dead 17-year old of possession of a knife for which their was no evidence other than the statements of his lying killers. 

Michelle Pearson - a Mother with a home full of children makes a desperate call to GMP to protect her from an imminent attack - Greater Manchester Police do effectively nothing.  Within 12-hours three children are dead, one will die of burns three days later and their Mother is fatally injured (she died a very slow and painful death) in an attack she’d pleaded with GMP to protect her from.

Salman Abedi - the son of a Saudi sponsored Libyan dissident who’d been exiled by Colonel Gaddafi for extremism but was then preaching Wahhabi extremism in Manchester - flies a Daesh flag from is roof after returning from War torn Libya before murdering 22-innocents at an Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena. Despite British police receiving multiple warnings and reports about Abedi, GMP did NOTHING to counter this clear terrorist threat. 

Part II

The three incidents of graffitti I’ve detailed in Part I detail the shocking disparity in GMP’s responses, responses that I am confident enough to describe as exhibiting institutional racism and gross community bias within CC Ian Hopkins force.

My further accusations against CC Ian Hopkins’s force, evidenced here in Part II, include: 

Criminal Corruption
(Lying and fabricating evidence)

Professional Incompetent
(a genuine threat to society)

Amorally Repugnant Behavior
(persecuting stressed War veteran-whistleblowers with fabricated charges)

GMP Lying and Fabricating Evidence

On 26 August 2019, 12-months after I had reported the swastika graffiti and escorted the two police offciers to that offensive graffiti on a country path, I recieved a letter from Greater Manchester council’s Prevent [terrorism] unit. That letter detailed a referral of me to Prevent by GMP based on a claim (a lie) that I had made a random comment to some Police Community and Support Officers (PCSO) during one of their patrols, claiming that I worked for al Qaeda. Via a subsequent Subject Access Request I recieved this additional detail from GMP:

gmp sar prevent

This official document (full text linked here) from GMP is riddled with lies and misconstrued information intended to malicious agrevate me, a British army veteran of Afghanistan (2012) with a known (to GMP) diagnosis of debilitating stress related to my military service in Helmand.

GMP Lie No. 1:

“I can confirm that a referral regarding yourself was made to the Counter Terrorism Policing Team on 20/09/2018 by a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). This was as a result of the PCSO investigating reports of racist graffiti on trees at a golf club”

The date, 20/09/18, ties in with my emailed report to GMP of offensive graffiti (swastikas) sprayed on a country footpath that is over one mile from the nearest golf club. The mention of a golf club surepticiously references the night in 2011 when I was ambushed by two plain clothed GMP officers who were staking out Dunham Golf Club, attempting to apprehend the culprit responsible for the ‘BDS’ graffiti that I had reported, as I’ve described in Part I.

GMP Lie No. 2:

“Whilst at the scene the PCSO...”

The two police officers who attended the scene of the swastika graffiti with me in August 2018 were not PCSOs - they were senior ranking fulltime officers. GMP have literally fabricated a witness (the claimed PCSO) - I assume the two officers who actually attend did this deliberately to hide their roles in this matter.

GMP Lie No. 3:

“Whilst at the scene the PCSO reported to have spoken to you whilst you were walking your dog.”

In August 2019 it was GMP who had telephoned me requesting I show them the swastika graffiti; the attending officers drove to my home and we met by arrangement on the country footpath a few minutes later. I did have my dog with my but this was not a random conversation whilst I was out dog walking as characterised in the quote above.

GMP Lie No. 4:

“You were also described to be wearing green military outfit and boots at the time.”

This is a combination of outright lies and misrepresentation intended to aggravate me, a military veteran, by characterizing me as some kind of Walter Mitty oddball. 

I was wearing a green long sleeve shirt - a white collared rugby shirt in Ireland’s national colour to be exact. I was wearing either grey or bark coloured cargo pants - practical clothing worn by millions that are in no way militaristic. And I was wearing military boots - surplus German army para-boots to be exact. I wear these for orthopaedic reasons as I am recovering from recent surgery to repair injuries to my leg sustained in a 60mph motorcycle accident. 

For GMP to characterise my form of dress as being a ‘military outfit’ shows either an astounding level of idiocy or a deliberate and malicious attempt to aggrevate me, which it has.

GMP Lie No. 5:

“The PCSO  reported that during the conversation you talked about Middle Eastern affairs”

This is a complete fabrication, inserted into GMP’s account to portray me as some kind of oddball wandering around golf courses discussing random and controversial topics with strangers. This is an outright lie by GMP.

GMP Lie No. 6:

“… you asserted having worked for al Qaeda in Yemen and that you travelled to the country to visit weapons installations and meet high ranking generals.”

Again this is an outright lie - a distortion and gross misrepresentation of the conversation that I did have with the two GMP officers who attended the swastika graffiti site with me in August 2018. I will conceed that as those two officers walked away from that crime scene without completing their investigation (as detailed above in Part I) I did say that I'd unwittingly worked at an  al Qaeda front company in Yemen after being sent there by my employer, a local engineering firm. I did that for two reasons: 

1. To see if they were actually listening to me, which as they enquired further about my claim proves that they were listening (selectively it seems) to the information I was reporting to them.

2. In an attempt to initiate a formal report of terrorist activity and terrorist collusion involving both my former employer and a London based financier of the terroist group that went on to commit the greatest terrorist attack of our time - 9/11.

To my disappointment (but not my surprise) the two officers refused to take a formal statement from me regarding my attempts to report the most serious of international terrorist activity, but I did ensure that they were aware of my written reports published on my website,

The officers did acknowledge my giving them this website address and details of its contents, so I was confident that any competent and honest police officer could not misconstrue my comments as anything other than my public duty to report serious criminal activity to our security services.

And so I've shown here that in the 11-lines of text from GMP, in their attempt to justify their referral of me to Counter Terrorism Police, those public servants lied SIX TIMES - deliberately and maliciously. GMP are contriving to protray me as a mentally unstable and delusional oddball (which is easily countered by two medical reports stating very specifically that I am neither delusional or suffering psychosis). GMP and the wider British security services are doing this because they are literally protecting the London based business that financed the 9/11 mastermind’s terrosit cell - that company is Longulf Trading, a subsidary of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group of London. British security services are literally in league with the most prolific terrorist financiers of our time who also happen to bank in the British Cayman Islands.

My Response to GMP’s Referral of me to their Counter Terrorism Unit and Prevent Scheme

Receiving the letter from Prevent [terrorism] scheme in August 2019 caused me untold stress, frustration and anger. I'd spent over four years attempting to report my experience in Yemen and my first-hand knowledge of al Qaeda’s operating structure and activities. The letter from Prevent was the first formal response I'd had from law enforcement authorities and it was not to investigate my crime reports, it was to accuse me of claiming to work for al Qaeda. This was beyond my comprehension and clearly illustrates that the British state is actively colluding with and protecting terrorist entities.

I responded to their accusations by sending them a copy of a letter of vindication from my constituency Member of Parliament’s office (who is Sir Graham Brady). That parliamentary office confirmed that in March 2017 I had passed my reports of meeting al Qaeda members in Yemen to Brady and that he'd already forwarded my Intel dossier to the Secret Intelligence Service (M.I.6), to Dominic Grieve MP (chairman of the Intelligence & Security committee, and to the US Embassy in London.

The Prevent team member who’d originally contacted me responded to this letter of vindication by telephoning me and saying she was ‘not interested in that’ and that she still needed to proceed with my referral to the Prevent terrorism scheme, regardless of the fact that my long standing efforts to report terrorist activity was formally documented at the most senior levels. This was a local council official (she sounded like a teenager when I spoke to her on the phone) dismissing out of hand my years of efforts to report terrorist entities and evidence of who financed 9/11- I went in to a form of shock. I was trembling with rage and my mind spun out of control as I realised both her intentions (to deliberately aggravate me) and the implications of the entire matter - the British police state were and are continuing to protect the financiers and facilitators of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terroist cell.

I flatly refused to cooperate further and requested all further communications to be via email, a request I’d made previously but which was simply ignored by this council official. The next stage in this matter was a few days later when as I returned to my home I saw a civilian car parked in my driveway with three plain clothed individuals in; I was immediately aware of who these people were (police and prevent officer) and what their intention were (to question me against my will). Initially I ignored them, but they gained access to my property anyway. I then requested that they leave me alone and stop trespassing on my property - a request they ignored. I recorded the subsequent conversation and interview (it is published on youtube here), and a few days later I recieved a letter saying that GMP had made a mistake, they acknowledged I had no terrorist inclinations and they said I had been removed from the prevent register.

The gap between GMP claiming that I said I worked for al Qaeda (20 August 2018) and their referral to of me to Prevent  (26 August 2019) is pertinent. In the interviening period GMP Counter Terrorism police officers met secretly with my doctor to gaining access to my private medical records. They also sent me intimidating messages, delivered to me by my doctor, and that same doctor actually refused to tell me what information she’d shared - something she admitted was professionally wrong but that she justified by saying she was acting under instructions from the police. An additional event maybe of huge significance too - on the 12 July 2019 I had also reported GMP to the International Criminal Court (ICC) - citing evidence that GMP are criminally complicit in the cover-up of British military crimes in Afghanistan. My evidence of said crimes have already been accepted for further investigation by the ICC in April 2017 and my allegation against GMP was made to prove that the matters fall under the ICC’s jurisdiction, i.e. the nation involved had already proved to be incapable of conducting an investigation themselves.

I am now in the process of seeking legal advice and am determined to see accountability of all the officials involved. 

I am also still waiting for British security services to take a formal statement from me about my 1997 meetings with al Qaeda in Yemen. I still have as yet undisclosed and currently actionable information about international terrorist activity, information that if acted upon in 2015 could have prevented terrorist attacks such as the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and the murder of 22-innocents there. But it appears GMP have other priorities - persecuting military veterans and protecting terrorist financiers in this case. 

I remain so very angry that I want to see the lying, racist, incompetent and amoral Chief Constable Ian Hopkins’s head roll (proverbially) over this incomprehensible situation.