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I’m a British army veteran of Afghanistan (2012, aged 42) who guarded opium harvesting, witnessed Afghan civilians forced by our allies to act as a human shield against a potential IEA, and who refused repeated orders to stone Afghan children as we patrolled through their villages. In a previous life, as a 27-year old civilian technician sent to 1997 Yemen, I met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and visited The Base by Al Qa’idah town.

Professional references, qualifications and online channels linked below: 

My brief military career & My life photo collage

Army appraisal August 2010, Manchester & Army appraisal July 2012, Afghanistan 

Technical Qualifications (JM Heaford Ltd 1988-93, 96-98 & Eltromat 1998-2002)

Academic qualifications (Lancaster Grammar 1981-87)

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