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Greater Manchester Police are PROTECTING Terrorists
(Hard evidence of GMP Detective Sergeant Kelly ignoring a terrorist financier report)

 1998 US Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania 
(Evidence the US embassy in Yemen sourced the TNT explosives)

1993 - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Terror Spree Begins
(My 4,400+ word chronology on the evolution of the 9/11 attacks — updated 20 Aug 2022)

Nine 9/11 Warnings That I, Anthony C Heaford, Gave in 1997
(Four .pdf infographics — added 15 August 2022)

9/11, Al Qaeda, The Deep State and Me 
(Sixteen pages of revelations — updated 29 July 2022)

My 2015 Dossier About Meeting Al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen &

My 2017 Dossier About Meeting Al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen

NATO in Afghanistan

My Evidence Submissions to the International Criminal Court
(Three submissions, dated November 2015, April 2016 & July 2019)

The Battle of Camp Bastion, 14/15 September 2012
(Two detailed reports — updated 30 July 2022)

  Afghan Civilians - NATO’s Human Shield 
(Three page report — updated 18 July 2022)

 Britain’s Third Opium War 
(Three page report — updated April 2022)

The Death of a Journalist
(Eight page report — updated July 2022)

 Anthony C Heaford - my brief military career
(One page infographic)

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