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Nine 9/11 Warnings That I, Anthony C Heaford, Gave in 1997
(Links to four .pdf file photo/ infographics, added 15 August 2022

9/11, Al Qaeda, The Deep State and Me 
(Sixteen pages of revelations, updated 29 July 2022)

1998 US Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
(Evidence that the US embassy in Yemen sourced the TNT explosives)

My 2015 Dossier About Meeting Al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen 
My 2017 Dossier About Meeting Al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen


NATO in Afghanistan

The Battle of Camp Bastion, 14/15 September 2012
(Two reports, updated 30 July 2022)

  Afghan Civilians - NATO’s Human Shield 
(Three page report - updated 18 July 2022)

 Britain’s Third Opium War 
(Three page report, updated April 2022)

The Death of a Journalist (and honest journalism)
(Eight page report, updated July 2022)

 Anthony C Heaford - my brief military career
(One page meme, created 18 July 2022)

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