Priti Patel MP - Britain’s incumbent Home Secretary


Priti Patel MP is Britain’s Home Secretary. 

She also thinks that a British police force protecting terrorist financiers by fabricating allegations against whistleblowers does not fall under her responsibility. I disagree with her.

Here’s the context of my correspondence with the Ms. Patel's Home Office:

Here’s Patel’s Home Office’s reply which can be summarised as “not our problem:

Also on November 5th 2019, the date of Patel’s Home Office’s reply, the BBC published this story, about secret orders that allows British security services to direct their ‘informers’ (mostly criminals) to commit the most serious of crimes, including murder, without having to even refer the matter to the British judiciary:

And it was Priti Patel who within a year of my correspondence with her Home Office decided to enshire in law the power of our security services to authorise criminals under their control to commit crimes up to and including murder: