Alka Pradhan - the US Attorney Trashing the 9/11 Trails

Alka Pradhan is an American attorney defending those accused of murdering 2,976-people on 9/11.

Ms Pradhan has also endorsed lies designed to protect al Qaeda when working for the human rights organisation Reprieve in 2015 and again in a New York Times magazine interview in December 2017. Pradhan has been advised of her error but has so far failed to acknowledge or correct that lie.

I can therefore categorically assert that US Attorney Alka Pradhan is deliberately undermining the 9/11 trials by repeating lies that prejudice the trials in self-promoting media interviews. 

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Alka Pradhan's lies are protecting al Qaeda and prolonging the injustices already inflicted upon the 9/11 families.

In March 2018 US army officer Dan Futrell contacted me on behalf of James Connell, the lead attorney of the 9/11 trials defense team for Ammar al-Baluchi, whom Ms Pradhan is also defending. He expressed great interest in my testimony and proposed sending a team of Pentagon based investigators to Manchester, England to interview me over a 5-day period. I declined that interview request due to a lack of confidence in their true intentions.

My Evidence that 9/11 Attorney Alka Pradham is a Liar:

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I visited al Qa’idah town in 1997 - I was taken there for a recruitment interview with al Qaeda 30-minutes after being introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed inside the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ at PO Box 5302 Taiz.

It was the HSA Group general manager, Mohamad A. Salem who took me to the base besides al Qaidah town.

HSA Mohamad A Salem saeed alrobaidi

al qaidah al qaeda town

al qaidah valley

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