Alka Pradhan - the US Attorney Trashing the 9/11 Trails

Alka Pradhan is an American attorney defending those accused of murdering 2,976-people on 9/11.

Ms Pradhan has also endorsed lies designed to protect al Qaeda in a New York Times magazine interview. Pradhan has been advised of her error but has so far failed to acknowledge or correct that lie.

I can therefore categorically assert that US Attorney Alka Pradhan is deliberately undermining the 9/11 trials by repeating lies that prejudice the trials in self-promoting media interviews. 

Her lies are protecting al Qaeda and prolonging the injustices already inflicted upon the 9/11 families.

My Evidence that 9/11 Attorney Alka Pradham is a Liar:

I visited al Qa’idah town in 1997 - I was taken there for a recruitment interview with al Qaeda.