A British Military Cover-up 26.03.18 

A British Military Cover-up Overseen by British Politicians Gavin Williamson MP, Philip Hammond MP, Mark Francois MP and Bob Stewart MP

Since October 2013 I've been trying to bring the criminal failures of British military commanders in Helmand to light. This week defence secretary Gavin Williamson turned down my final appeal:


Link to full correspondence from the defence secretary, 26th March 2012

As well as losing us the mission, 
on 14th September 2012 the command failures very specifically led to the deaths of Lieutenant Colonel Christopher 'Otis' Raible and Sergeant Bradley Atwell, both of the 3rd Marine Air Wing of the US Marine Corp during an attack that destroyed $400-million of military equipment on the airfield.

My final appeal included the following new evidence:

- I've provided testimony from an independent witness (a former counter terrorism police officer & security contractor) confirming my allegations that sleeping on guard duty was a long standing & widely known problem to British commanders, who chose to do NOTHING to address the court marshal offence.
(This witness’s testimony is copied in full at the end of this diary entry)

- I've shown satellite images that PROVE the British army were actively complicit in opium production, processing & trafficking just 200-metres from Bastion's airfield perimeter fence, and over at least 4-consecutive growing seasons too (2011-2015)    i.e. you can see it from space !!!

bastion poppy opium map labelled

British policy was to irrigate and protect opium farming in exchange for an assurance of security on the airfield’s perimeter from the Noorzai clan of Washir district. Clearly this understanding wasn’t adhered to: in September 2012 fifteen heavily armed Taliban used these fields as cover to launch their devastating raid on Camp Bastion 

opium poppies labelled

Dodging Blame

Mrs Raible and her son Lt Col raible 2

The British top military police officer, Provost Marshal Colonel Scott Meredith, has claimed to have examined my evidence submissions but concluded that there isn't enough evidence or principle to investigate matters further.

Britain's defence secretary Gavin Williamson MP has expressed his absolute confidence in Colonel Scott Meredith's detective skills and has also refused to pursue the matters any further. 

Therefore this open letter from the Mother of one of the US Marines killed by British incompetence still stands. I will add to it that our military and political command are a collection of self-serving, profiteering, criminal incompetents, and I can confirm that dodging blame is their primary concern.

Photo Credit: The Independent
Mrs K Raible with her son, the late Lieutenant Colonel Christopher ‘Otis’ Raible (1972 to 2012)
Lt Col Raible was killed-in-action during the battle of Bastion airfield, 14-15th September 2012

Independent witness testimony:

This is the text of the independent witness testimony supporting my allegations. This witness is a former soldier & counter terrorism assigned police officer who was working in Camp Bastion in 2011 as a senior PMC (private military contractor). The text is from an anonymous military chat forum, but having messaged with the author, I am  confident of both his identity and testimony: 

"I used to attend the Friday Morning GSMs briefing in BSN. People being caught gonking on stag going unpunished with the RMP CSM going ballistic and clearly stating that being caught asleep on stag in an Operational Zone was a Courts Martial Offence and receiving zero support. Another instance was an incursion that was spotted by ISTAR assets and not the sentry(s)… As for the tales of Horror re stagging on they are, unfortunately, true. The GSM was of the opinion that people caught sleeping on stag should be given a 'Firm talking too'. I had to armlock and pin down the RMP CSM (metaphorically speaking) on more than one occasion.”

“It [Bastion garrison weekly meeting / Friday] was usually a discussion of such weighty matters as sleeves up or down, shirts tucked in or out and a weekly bun-fight of the '10 best reasons why my men can't do sangar guard duty’. Sleeping on sentry was topic raised by the RMP commander almost weekly, him being of the opinion that offenders should be subject to Court Marshall. The garrison commander however thought a 'stern talking to' would sort that problem.”

"Unfortunately, It was a 'mindset' issue, BSN was 'never going to be attacked' snigger and forcing people into Sangars when they could be stuffing themselves with KFC and Pizza whilst 'chillin' was the overriding factor. The GSM was fighting a losing battle and there were quite few WOs around that table who were complicit and quite happy for him to do so as long as they looked good in the eyes of their guys. Couple that with the totally slack attitude to being caught asleep on stag, failing to observe / detect ******* incursions through the wire prior to the attack (and lack of any disciplinary action) and you have a major clusterfuck just waiting to occur.To be honest, I'm surprised it didn't happen years ago.

"People didn't pull their weight and were ably assisted by their Senior NCOs and WOs. As stated in a couple of threads I had to attend the Friday Morning GSMs meeting in BSN. Slagging off aside, I sat and listened as the same, tired old excuses, were dribbled out by people who should damn well know better as to why 'their lads' couldn't possibly get their arses in a Sangar for two hours, whilst the GSM was virtually reduced to begging for bods."

"Go on then, tell me which bit I've got wrong? The sleeping sentries, the blokes who couldn't give a **** or the ones watching videos on their laptops??It got to the stage when I was out there that 'Sleeping on Sentry', in a ******* War Zone was, by the GSMs definition, something to be dealt with by a 'stern talking to' rather than the ******* Courts Martial that it deserved,"

"So not unlike the two or four man teams breaching BASTION for months before the Talibs got stuck in??? Nah, they were only stealing vehicle batteries and the sentries weren't really asleep / ******* non existent*, were they.• Insert pathetic Regimental excuse here"