British Military Police Incomputence 22.01.18

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The British Miilitary Police doing what they do best: living a charmed life at our expense whilst greasing each others backs and actively ignoring criminal activity within their jurisdiction.

Today i received a letter from the very highest echelons of the British Military Police, from a Colonel Scott Meredith. I can say with confidence that Colonel Meredith of the Provost Marshal’s HQ in Andover is criminally corrupt or possesses the competence of a clown, or quite possibly both. He has considered my eight detailed and evidenced criminal allegations against the British military and has been able to dismiss all eight charges within a single paragraph.  

This is obviously incredibly frustrating for me and now having given up trying to get these military police clowns to do their job I will attempt to pursue ALL matters via ALL avenues open to me - the first of which will be in comic strip form - an attempt to present my charges in a form that even the military clowns should be able to comprehend (and more importantly will have no excuse left not to investigate).

Charge 1 (the facts reiterated in comic strip form): 
That the
 Commanding Officer of Camp Bastion was concerned in the production and trafficking of a class A drug:

Picture 078

Fact 1: In April 2012 British forces under Group Captain Jeff Portlock’s command allowed opium harvesting to occur on Afghan government land 200-metres from camp Bastion fence. Evidence: my photo & his admission.

Major General Gregg Sturdevant

Fact 2: During a subsequent US investigation Major General Sturdevant of the US Command stated:

"We literally had poppy growing right up against the perimeter fence. That was another thing that Maj. Gen. Gurganus tried to take action on, but he wasn't able to accomplish that. It was because the Afghans had to do it. We weren't allowed to. The biggest external threat to the base came from there"

Major General Sturdevant was subsequently force to retire for his perceived failings (he trusted the British to secure a chain link fence)

General Capewell

Fact 3: British General Capewell was the Chief of Joint Operations on 14th September 2012, the night of the airfield raid. When giving evidence to the British inquiry on 17th December 2013 he stated:

"I think it was a minor tactical error to allow that poppy field to grow"


NATO Irigation

Fact 4: This satellite image of camp bastion airfield shows that opium production besides the base continued unhindered into Spring 2014 and on in to 2015. Most significantly the accompanying text describes how these poppy fields were irrigated from INSIDE camp Bastion, and that once the British left camp Bastion the acreage of poppy fields in the valley reduced very significantly.

(satellite image courtesy of the US Insitute for Peace:


Fact 1: 
In 2012 British forces irrigated poppy fields besides camp Bastion and did not stop the opium harvesting, processing or subsequent trafficking

Fact 2:
The US commander acknowledged fact 1, saying: "The biggest external threat to the base came from there"

Fact 3:
The British commander acknowledged fact 1, saying:"I think it was a minor tactical error" 

Fact 4:
Inspite of the above facts, British forces continued to irrigate poppy fields besides camp Bastion fence. By irrigating the poppies British forces were actively concerned in the production of a class A drug - an offence under British law carrying a maximum life sentence

British Colonel Scott Meredith’s
considered conclusion when presented with these FACTS:

Having reviewed your allegations, I am of the opinion that there is a lack of substantial evidence"

My conclusion:

If Colonel Scott Meredith is to be taken as an example of the competence and integrity of the higher echelons of the British military then I think I can safely say that we failed in Basra Iraq and in Helmand Afghanistan because we were commanded by utter fools.