The Battle of Camp Bastion, 14/15 September 2012

I’ve produced two reports on the Battle of Camp Bastion, a ten page report and a forty-one page report
- both are linked here:

CLICK HERE TO OPEN The Battle of Camp Bastion .pdf FILE
Ten page report, published December 2021 by Anthony C Heaford

CLICK HERE TO OPEN The Battle of Camp Bastion .pdf FILE
Forty-one page report, published January 2017 by Anthony C Heaford

NOTE: Both my ‘The Battle of Camp Bastion’ reports contain secondary testimony from the most qualified of witnesses: Iain Reid. He is a former Scots Guards soldier and after that a counter terrorism assigned police officer who was working in Camp Bastion in 2011 as a senior private military contractor (PMC). Reid attended the weekly Camp Bastion security briefings in his role as the senior PMC, and it is the disfunctional shambles in those meetings that his testimony details. I have express permission to credit him with the quotes in my reports.

I highly recommend Iain Reid’s autobiography that details his dedicated service to the British nation (only £2.07 on Kindle, linked here:

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