I'm not a journalist, writer or an investigator; I am, by chance, a witness to matters of global significance. 

Reports linked in the tab above focus on my unwitting meetings with al Qaeda in 1997 Yemen (a result of my employer’s CIA association), and what I witnessed while serving in the British army on NATO’s doomed mission in Helmand Afghanistan, in Summer 2012. 

The images and videos below are mostly all my own work and hopefully provide a fair overview of my efforts.

Anthony C Heaford                            Twitter: @mancunianquiet    Youtube: Anthony C Heaford  



yempak contact sheet copy 2

hsa aq new overview

HSA HSA master


poppy opium op shafuq

opium harvestsOpium one Copy copy

bastion poppy opium map labelled

Afghan civilian human shield


sayyaf friends

sayyaf ksm 911

sayyaf nato 22