These pages are my best effort to share information I’ve collected and collated over twenty-five years of travels as a businessman, backpacker, soldier and tourist. Experiences include:

My meetings with members of Al Qaeda during a 1997 business trip in Yemen

A visit to Al Qaeda’s premier training camp besides Al Qa’idah town in Yemen, and my repeated travel warnings regarding hijacked airliners being used as missiles

Knowing the man who Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terrorist cell called ‘the Chief’, and knowing the multi-billion dollar global conglomerate that financed them

The role of the CIA and US Embassy in supporting Al Qaeda’s financiers in Yemen, including my introduction to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 1997

Associated issues, specifically Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s relationship with Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, a Saudi sponsored Wahhabi Afghan Warlord who sent the assassins posing as journalists who murdered Ahmed Shah Massoud just two days before 9/11

I'm not a professional journalist or investigator but it has still fallen to me to report these and other matters.

Signed:             Anthony C Heaford                           

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Meeting al Qaeda in Yemen, September 1997  

I was sent on a six day business visit to Yemen at the behest of my employer, my Father’s engineering business. My task was installing printing machinery that had been sold five months earlier at a trade show in Chicago.

hsa aq new overview

The machine purchase was made by a London based trading agent, Longulf Trading. They were acting on behalf of an end customer in Yemen, with no delivery address and not even a definative customer name. Longulf Trading is the London office of the multi billion dollar global conglomerate called the Hayel Saeed Anam [HSA] Group. The HSA Group’s HQ in Yemen was the machine’s final destination but this fact was hidden at the point of sale by the directors of Longulf Trading.

HSA YemPak pobox 5302 new

I now know that the 1997 machinery sales were to furnish Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terrorist cell with a front company, operating inside the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ compound in Taiz city, just ten miles from a town called Al Qa’idah with a mujahideen training camp besides it.

During my visit to Taiz I had three unwitting meetings with men I later identified as being senior al Qaeda operatives, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ahmed al-Darbi: 

The final meeting was at the training camp in a valley besides Al Qa’idah town, shown here:

al qaidah valley copy
yempak contact sheet copy 2

Further research has revealed the Hayel Saeed Anam Group directors had been implicated with terrorism funding dating back to 1984, via a Swiss shell company. The Hayel Saeed Anam Group opened their London office in 1977 & twenty years later made a billion pound business investment in Britain (buying the three largest cardboard printing companies to form Cepac Ltd) and began investing in the British Cayman Island tax haven too. This all occurred at exactly the same time they were hosting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in their Yemen headquarter’s compound. And most shockingly, in 1996, the US Embassy in Yemen sourced industrial quantities of explosive chemicals, constituent parts for TNT manufacture, for that same headquarter’s compound where the Hayel Saeed Anam Group was hosting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

My latest research suggests that 
my former employer's business dealings with the Hayel Saeed Anam Group were not by chance. I’ve identified their US sales agent, Dave Dean - my former work colleague - as being a CIA contractor. I already knew Dean was ex-Special Forces, then recently discovered he was trained by Billy Waugh. Waugh is a well known CIA contractor who admits training Al Qaeda in 1990s Yemen in his autobiography. 

I was an unwitting patsy, blind to the machinations around me when sent to Yemen to complete a dangerous part of a Military-Industrial-Complex business liaison with the financiers of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terrorist cell.

My critical and currently actionable witness testimony from Yemen:

The multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group & their
London office Longulf Trading provided material support to terrorism.

The man Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terrorist cell called “The Chief” was Mr Saeed Alrobaidi.

‘Al Qaeda’ was originally the name of just one training camp in Yemen, besides Al Qa’idah town.

CIA contractor Dave Dean provided material support to terrorism, specifically to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

The US Embassy, the British State and British industry all turned an deliberate blind eye to this activity.

9/11 planning began during my September 1997 visit to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company. His terrorist cell were inspired by a travel warning I gave of terrorists attacking the World Trade Centre again, but using a hijacked civilian airliner as a missile next time.

My testimony and evidence of British corruption in Afghanistan: