I'm not a journalist, writer or investigator. 

I am, by chance, a witness to the following matters of global significance:

Yemen, 1997: On the last day of a business trip to Yemen I was introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), 9/11’s Engineer, before being taken to a meeting at Al Qaeda’s premier base, one mile from Al Qa’idah town. I can:

- Tell you who KSM’s terror cell called ‘the Chief’

- Identify the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that financed them

- Give you the exact origin of the 9/11 plot

- Name the CIA contractor who set-up my business trip

Afghanistan 2012: I served a six-month summer tour with the British army in Helmand. I witnessed and was party to multiple command failures and endemic command corruption:

- We used Afghan civilians as human shields to protect our convoys from IEDs. 

- I witnessed £400-million vehicle procurement corruption and deceptions of government ministers that cost Bristish and allied personnel their lives. 

- I personally protected opium harvesting from Afghan police interference besides Camp Bastion fence, from poppy fields irrigated with water purified inside our camp.

I’m documenting those first-hand experiences and a few other matters here for the public record.

Anthony C Heaford                            Twitter: @mancunianquiet    Youtube: Anthony C Heaford  



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Abdul Rasul Sayyaf - The True 9/11 Mastermind

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