Over twenty-five years of varied travels - as a soldier, businessman and backpacker - I've seen or become aware of matters of global significance. I'm not a journalist but it has still fallen to me to report these ongoing situations, about which I have critical and currently actionable witness testimony.

Anthony C Heaford 


Principle topics 

Yemen, 1997 My most significant experience, meeting al Qaeda, happened when I was a business traveller, visiting a new customer in Yemen. That six-day visit ended with introductions to senior members of al Qaeda (including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of masterminding 9/11) followed by a clandestine meeting at an isolated base beside a town called al Qa'idah

My testimony from Yemen can prove two things:
1. In 1997 the HSA Group (a Yemeni owned multi-billion dollar global business conglomerate) hosted Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terrorist cell in a front company called YemPak.

2. 9/11 was planned in Yemen & Hamburg, NOT Afghanistan.


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Afghanistan, 2012 - When serving with the British army in Helmand I saw the criminal reality of our mission there. My experiences included:

— Ordered to lie to visiting government ministers —
— Witnessing £400-million of procurment corruption —
— Guarding illegal opium harvesting on Afghan government land —
— Punished for refusing orders to stone Afghan children —


Colombia, 2006 - Backpacking in Colombia shortly after the disbandment of the right-wing paramilitary AUC death squads wasn’t without risks. I saw close-up that the death squads hadn’t quite disbanded yet. I lodged with men I believe were Afrikaans mercenaries, saw German kidnap victims and shared a surreal beer with a man called Adolfo, surrounded by his bodyguards. Adolfo told me he was "born in 1946, of pure German blood.” Physically, Adolfo could of passed for Hitler's unknown son, a possibility he alluded to with glee. 


Bolivia, 1994 - I attended a tense meeting in a remote Andean town between a future President of Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, and a self-proclaimed international terrorist from Germany, to whom Mesa was delivering a message from the then President of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sánchez. The German also claimed to be the son of a renowned World-War-Two U-boat commander. This was an entirely random encounter whilst I was a tourist backpacking in South America. Carlos Mesa served as President from 2003-2005 and is standing in the 2019 elections too.

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