11 June 1997, USA: I predicted 9/11 whilst flying from Boston to Toronto

Arriving at Logan airport Boston for a short flight to Toronto, from exiting the taxi on a public road to taking my seat on a 767 aircraft I'd not under-gone a single security check, not one. No questions, no pat down, no metal detector, no bagage inspection - nothing. At check-in I showed a credit card in exchange for a boarding pass. There was no passport control that I recall and a security desk with a metal detector and baggage inspection machine I passed was unmanned and unplugged. 

When handing the air-steward my boarding pass I told her of my concerns, stressing there'd been no security checks prior to boarding. She told me not to worry, saying that was normal. 

As the aircraft climbed and circled I looked towards the unsecured cockpit door just a few metres away and perceived with horror how easily an aircraft could be hijacked and turned in to a missile.

I was already aware of the intent to attack the World Trade Centre because of the 1993 bombing, and had noted an increase in suicide attacks and world tensions. I added those factors to the complete absence of security at Logan airport and concluded this was a viable and likely attack method.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it