Abdul Rasul Sayyaf - Saudi Sponsored Afghan Warlord

Sayyaf is an Afghan Warlord, Islamic professor and an astute politician.

He is also a Saudi sponsored Wahhabi with more connections to al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks than Osama bin Laden ever had.

During the Soviet War in Afghanistan Sayyaf was the main conduit for both Arab recruits to the mujaheedin and for the hundreds-of-millions of dollars donationed by wealthy Arabs. 

Sayyaf employed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM)  from 1988-92, helping to organise the thousands of foreign Jihadis after the Soviet War ended. He is accused of diverting some of those Arab donations to other causes, possibly al Qaeda.

The CIA’s 1985 intelligence assessment on Afghanistan and Sayyaf appears to predict the formation of al Qaeda:

Sayyaf’s connection to the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing: 

KSM’s nephew Ramzi Yousef trained in Sayyaf’s camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan before travelling to New York. In New York he attempted to murder 250,000-people by collapsing one WTC tower in to the other using a bomb. It did explode and killed six innocent people and an unborn baby, but it did not cause the collapse the tower as they had intended. KSM supported this attack financially & with advice.

1993 wtc 03

Sayyaf’s connection to Osama bun Laden:

Osama Bin Laden left the Sudan using a charter C130 on 18 May 1996, possibly stopping in Qatar before continuing to Afghanistan where he was invited and given sanctuary by Abdul Rasul Sayyaf:

Sayyaf’s connection to 9/11: 

As well as employing 9/11 mastermind KSM from 1988-92, Sayyaf also vouched for and sent the assassins posing as journalists who murdered Ahmed Shah Massoud just two days before 9/11, on 9th Sept 2001.

massoud eu warning copy

Sayyaf’s connection to international terrorism:

Philippine Terrorist group Abu Sayyaf are named in his honour after their group found was trained in Sayyaf’s Afghan camps:

President Sayyaf?

Today, Sayyaf is a key player in the ongoing peace negotiation and a possible future President. He ran in the 2014 Presidential elections (and got 7% of the first round votes) and recently was Chairman of the Kabul Peace Process Loya Jirga

Sayyaf’s Saudi links:

sayyaf saudi

Sayyaf’s Life:

  • 1946  - Sayyaf was born in Paghman, Afghanistan to a Pashtun family
  • 1960s - Student: Sayyaf gets a degree in religious studies at Kabul University, before gaining a Masters at Al Azhar University in Egypt. The al Qaeda founder, Palestinian Abdullah Azzam attended the same university at about the same time
  • 1970 - 1973 - Professor of Islamic Law at Kabul University
  • 1973 - Sayyaf flees to Pakistan after partaking in a failed coup attempt in Kabul
  • 1978 - Sayyaf returned to Afghanistan and was imprisoned before being released due to outside influence
  • 1980 Sayyaf freed to perform Jihad - Sayyaf uses Arab Jihadis and is strongly favoured and financed by Saudi Arabia’s current King, then Prince Salman
  • 1985 Sayyaf opened the pre-eminent Jihadi madrassa in Pakistan
  • 1988 Sayyaf begins opening training camps for Arab recruits in Afghanistan
  • 1988 Sayyaf trained 1993 WTC bomber Ramzi Yousef who was visiting Sayyaf's Jihadi training camps during his summer holidays from college in Wales, Britain.
  • Sayyaf mentored 9/11 "mastermind" Khalid Sheik Mohammed from 1988-93
  • Sayyaf hosted Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan from May to September 1996. Bin Laden left the Sudan using a charter C130 on 18 May 1996, possibly stopping in Qatar before continuing to Afghanistan
  • Sayyaf sent the two assassins posing as journalists to murder Ahmed Shah Massoud on 09 September 2001 - this was THE precursor event for 9/11 and the subsequent War in Afghanistan al Qaeda had planned

Sayyaf’s nemesis (me)

I've never recieved a response to this email I sent to the British embassy in Kabul in 2014 :

Sayyaf Update

Following the May 2019 peace loya jirga in Kabul ( which did not go well for Sayyaf), it was reported he’d been evacuated to New Dehli, India. It was rumoured he was anticipating a heart attack but in reality I think (hope) this is Sayyaf’s permanent exile, maybe even just a transit stop on his way to Guantanamo if there is any justice in this world (I added the leg shackles and it made me happy).

abdul rasul sayyaf hospital copy