Missing 9/11 Trial Witnesses

Missing 9/11 Trial Witnesses
by Anthony C Heaford - 23 February 2019

1. Mr Yasser Saeed, an Omani / Yemeni known as ‘the Chief’ to senior al Qaeda members. It was Mr Saeed who introduced missing witness no.2, Anthony Heaford, to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

2. Anthony C Heaford (me) , the British man who conceived the 9/11 attack and unwittingly passed that idea to al Qaeda in Yemen in September 1997 

3. Mr Dan Barkochba, the Israeli / American who was forewarned of the attacks in December 1997. Missing witness no.2, Anthony Heaford, personally passed his last and most specific warning to Mr Barkochba.
Mr Barkochba claimed to have contacts in the appropriate security services and assured Heaford that his warnings would be passed on and acted upon.

These two New Yorkers were employees of Mr Barkochba. They both heard my warning and both witnessed my conversation with Mr Barkochba