The Drugs Baron in the British House of Lords
(Report Preview)

Report Preview by Anthony C Heaford, 30 June 2019

220px-Gen. Sir David Richards at NATO Summit in Chicago May 20, 2012

June 2019 was a bizarre month in British politics - we had a rash of candidates for Prime Minister casually admitting to their illegal hard drug use followed by a scientific report that the Houses of Parliament are awash with traces of cocaine.

But those are minor matters compared to House of Lords member Baron Richards of Herstmonceux drug connections. Although I have heard it suggested, I personally don’t think Richards uses illegal drugs. But, I do know without a shadow of doubt that he is guilty of complicity in the production of a class A drugs - opium and heroin. Richards could be more accurately titled Baron Richards of Heroin Production rather than of Herstmonceux.

because the man is criminal, complicit in the production of huge quantities of opium - a class A drug.

More commonly known as David Richards, the ex-general and former head of the British armed forces is a sorry excuse for a soldier whom I hold personally responsible for the unneccessary deaths of countless soldiers, and for our humiliating military defeat in Helmand.

Whilst I think he could be tried for corporate manslaughter, I know he is guilty of complicity in the production of a Class A drug: David Richards is an illegal drugs baron who has so far escaped justice. I aim to rectify that matter.

I will present my evidence against Richards here in due course, before reporting on British police’s criminal corruption in refusing to investigate my allegations. That second report is provisionally titled 

Britain: A Police State 

and I will name individual police officers who I know to have acted criminally.