Saudi War on Yemen Coincidences or Triggers?

By Anthony C Heaford, 03 March 2021 

More details on these and other related issues are in my reports catalogued here, “The 9/11 Timeline"

Coincidence or Trigger? 1/3 

On 09 February 2015 I sent this email speculating that the 9/11 plot began with Saudi and Pakistani nationals who were operating from secure compound in Yemen. Six weeks later, on 26 March 2015, an international coalition led by Saudi invaded Yemen and in conjunction with al Qaeda and Daesh elements has been waging War against the moderate Houthi / Ansarullah forces there ever since.

Coincidence or Trigger? 2/3

On 12 May 2017 I discovered this share certificate linking the Qatar Islamic Bank to funding of al Qaeda and Daesh in Yemen, including the address where I met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 1997. I shared this information with British security services and some journalists. Three weeks later the Saudi / Qatar diplomatic crisis began, on 04 June 2017, in which Saudi accused the Qatar Islamic Bank of funding terrorist organisations.

Coincidence or Trigger? 3/3

On 02 November 2017 I sent this email to British counter terrorism officers; it identifies the location I visited in 1997 Yemen and shows its proximity to al Qa’idah town. The next morning, on the 03 November 2017, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) began his purge / coup within Saudi, arresting, blackmailing, extorting, imprisoning and murdering hundreds of Saudi nationals.

More details on these and other related issues are
in my reports catalogued here, “The 9/11 Timeline"