Greater Manchester Police Farce Dissected 

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I’d never had a problem with the police until I found I was having to up hold the law myself. Never arrested, charged or convicted of a criminal offence. But that is largely due to my white privilage and a lot luck too rather than my actual innocence.

Since I’ve stood up and identified the criminals in our midst I’ve been intimidated, harassed, falsely accused, investigated and spied on by local police, the north west counter terrorism unit, and the civilian Prevent [terrorism] scheme. The criminals in our midst I’ve identified are Army Generals, Government ministers and other War profiteers. 

Here’s a dissection of my correspondence from Greater Manchester Police showing their shameless disregard for the law. I’ll prove that most officials I've named here are guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice, and all are being accused with misconduct in public office, as evidenced here:

September 2017

Below: GMP Detective Gray Wilton responds to my criminal allegations of misconduct in public office made against two government ministers and the most senior commanding officer of our armed forces:

Below: Wilton’s first assertion is wrong, contradicting matters of jurisdiction that had already been established

gmp wilton email bb

attempt to pervert the course of justice, ignoring 

I’ve never been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offence