Confession of a CIA Patsy    

By Anthony C Heaford, March 2021 

 My introduction to the Central Intelligence Agency

It was in my last summer holidays from school in 1988 that my Father first introduced me to Dave Dean - his Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contracting American sales agent. He’d employed me as a support driver for the duration of a trade show in Birmingham where his company had an exhibition stand; my very first job was to collect Dave Dean from Manchester airport and drive him to the exhibition centre in Birmingham.

During that first journey together Dean admitted he had no knowledge or experience in the printing industry, but he said he hoped to pick up enough knowledge at the Birmingham trade show to become useful to my Father. My elder brother Paul had worked in the family company for a few years and he was with us on that first journey. He was already very familiar with Dean and it was Paul who prompted Dean to speak about his military service. Paul told Dean about my passion for the military and my time in the army cadets before telling me Dean had served in Vietnam. Dean responded by saying his was a very short military career, cut short by a parachuting training accident. He said he’d broken nearly every bone in his body when he’d swung in his parachute harness into the biggest of palm trees. Because of the mention of a palm tree my immediate response was to ask if that training had been in Vietnam during the War. Dean said yes, it was in-country training, before quickly changing the subject to what he did for the rest of the War – running a go-go bar in the Philippines besides Clark Air Base, the biggest US military airport in Asia. The CIA also used Clark Air Base extensively at that time.

It was that key piece of information about Dean’s Vietnam War in-country parachute training combined with a lot of other supporting evidence (detailed below) that thirty-one years later allowed me to determine Dave Dean was a CIA contractor. In late 2019, whilst researching the infamous CIA contractor Billy Waugh, I discovered this document, “The History of HALO* Operations: Vietnam 1970-71”.

*HALO – High Altitude Low Opening parachuting

Before becoming a CIA contractor Billy Waugh had been a Special Forces Sergeant Major in the Studies and Observations Group (SOG), a top-secret unit performing sabotage missions in Cambodia and Laos during the War in Vietnam. The disastrous concept of parachuting small teams of Special Forces soldiers behind enemy lines had been Waugh’s baby and it was Waugh who had run the in-country HALO parachute training. I had found the direct link between the CIA and Dave Dean – Dean and Waugh had served together in the military and both had been medically discharged at about the same time – 1972.

But a brief military association in the 1970s between Dean and Waugh doesn’t prove both were to become CIA contractors, but my 1997 business trip to Yemen does. Waugh is well known for his activities with the CIA, even writing an autobiography about it in which Waugh admits training al Qaeda fighters in 1990s Yemen.  And it was during my 1997 business trip to Yemen – setup by my Father and Dave Dean – that I met members of al Qaeda at their premier base besides Al Qa’idah town in Ibb Governorate. That meeting occurred thirty minutes after I’d been introduced to the 9/11 attacks Engineer, Khalid sheikh Mohammed, inside the headquarters building of my Father & Dave Dean’s customer in Yemen, the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group.

Set-up as a CIA patsy, by my own Father

To be continued…