CIA Supported Terror Cells in 1990s Yemen - 5-min Read

By Anthony C Heaford, 08 July 2021
(Last edit 19 July, added mention of Dean Printing Systems)

Al Qaeda in Yemen

bodine yemen al qaeda

EVERYONE knew al Qaeda were in Yemen, according to ex-US ambassador to Yemen (1997-01) Barbara Bodine. Bodine characterised al Qaeda's presence as “warehousing foreign nationals in peripheral areas”. 

Click here “How Al Qaeda Grew in Yemen” or on the adjacent image to link to ex-Ambassador Bodine's 2012 PBS interview.

And after the US African Embassy bombings in August 1998, the first Intel elicited by the FBI from a captured attacker was a contact telephone number in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. This is that FBI interrogation as depicted by The Looming Tower TV series:

That telephone number in Yemen was later determined to be al Qaeda’s global telephone exchange and the captured attacker was a British born Arab of Saudi decent. But still the USA bombed a Sudanese pharmaceutical company in retaliation for the 1998 African embassy bombings.

Al Qaeda and the CIA in Yemen

Very few people knew the USA was supporting al Qaeda in 1990’s Yemen, until CIA contractor Billy Waugh made these confessions in his 2004 autobiography ‘Hunting the Jackal’  that is:

“I worked right there with these al-Qaeda operatives 
and heard these arguments*
 firsthand many times,
especially during an assignment in Yemen

 against US foreign policy


“I have spoken to some of those terrorists*, and they consider terror attacks against the general public their only outlet to hurt and destroy the infidels who have wrongly ousted them from their homes so many years in the past.
* al Qaeda and related organisations

The comprehensive 9/11 data base asserts that, based on Waugh’s career with the CIA, this training of al Qaeda fighters in Yemen must take place between 1989 and 2001. I suspect it was around 1993, after Osama bin Laden was exiled to Sudan in Summer 1991 and prior to the 1994 Yemen civil War; that suspicion of CIA support to al Qaeda in Yemen starting around 1993 is based on my employer’s first machine sale to Yemen being in 1993, as I will detail later.

Al Qaeda, the CIA and the US Embassy in Yemen

Given EVERYONE'S knowledge of al Qaeda’s presence in Yemen in the mid-1990s it seems odd that the US embassy in Yemen would source industrial quantities of explosive chemicals (key TNT components) for an ill defined end customer in Yemen. But that's what they did on 06 and 13 August 1996. The Hayel Saeed Anam Group requested the US embassy source one year’s supply of the explosive chemicals for unspecified third-party end users, and the embassy obliged, publishing that request under “Export Opportunities”.

So in 1996 the US embassy in Yemen was irrefutably involved in the supply of TNT component chemicals to the Hayel Saeed Anam Group, and in 2001 the Hayel Saeed Anam Group was implicated in the US Treasury’s and UN’s listings of financiers of terrorism, with documented HSA Group terror funding links going back to 1982.

hsa compound po box 5302 copy

I don’t know how that August 1996  “Export Opportunity” progressed but I do know that in September 1997 I visited the same address the chemicals were destined for, the Hayel Saeed Anam Group headquarter’s compound at PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen.  I was on a business trip I now believe was setup by CIA contractor Dave Dean, my employer’s (my family’s business) salesman and an ex-Special Forces associate of Billy Waugh. As well as being introduced to “the Engineer” (Khalid Sheik Mohammed) when in Yemen, I met two Pakistani chemistry graduates working for him, in a warehouse in a peripheral area, as per Barbara Bodine’s description of al Qaeda's 1997 presence in Yemen. In the August 1998 US embassy bombings, 500-drinks can sized cylinders of TNT explosives were used to murder two-hundred-and-twenty-four people and injured thousands more

I strongly suspect that TNT was manufactured by those chemistry graduates in KSM’s front company at PO Box 5302, and was very likely supplied via Dave Dean. Dean Printing Systems, Dave’s business, is listed as supplying printing equipment, electronics and industrial chemicals.

Al Qaeda, the CIA, the US Embassy and me in Yemen

I knew Dave Dean through my Father; Dave was his US sales agent. My first formal job aged eighteen was collecting Dave Dean from Manchester airport and taking him to trade show in Birmingham where my Father’s company was exhibiting. Dave told me he was new to printing machinery sales and that his specialist knowledge was of [explosive] chemicals and electronics [switches]. 

With prompting from my brother (who worked for my Father and for Dean) Dave also told me about his brief military career. He said it ended during a Special Forces training HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachute accident in Vietnam, sometime after 1969 (after the battle of Hamburger Hill where Dean fought). He was medically discharged and said he spent the rest of the Vietnam War running a go-go bar besides the massive US Clark airforce base in the Philippines.

I’d thought little of those tales till December 2019 when I was researching my visit to Yemen by reading about CIA contractor Billy Waugh’s military career. In 1971/72 Waugh was running the MACV-SOG - the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observation Group. Waugh’s operation was the only one running HALO parachuting courses in-country, in Vietnam, that coincided with when Dave told me he’d been injured during such training. I'd found a definite link between my employer’s US sales man and a CIA contractor who admits training al Qaeda in 1990s Yemen.

MACV-SOG were Special Forces who parachuted behind enemy lines, primarily into Laos, to harass enemy supply lines. Their casualty rate was often 100% as many missions were compromised by spies before they’d even begun and with few successes the endeavor was short lived.  

Dean and Waugh were both medically discharged from the military about the same time, c.1972. Waugh admits going on to work as a CIA contractor. The CIA used Clark airforce base extensively at this time, for training Hmong guerrilla soldiers and Air America activities, coinciding with when Dean said he was there running a go-go bar for US forces. It explains my Father’s involvement with some other very questionable sales in the past too - a money printing machine to el Salvador’s military junta in 1986 for example. Suddenly those and many other things all fell in to place.

Now my 1997 meetings with al Qaeda and Khalid Sheikh Moahmmed in Yemen were no longer a just a bizarre quirk of fate but a direct consequence of someone else's Machiavellian plans. The US and British security services had used my Father's export business as a front for their activities and they had all used me as their patsy, sending me to Yemen to help setup Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s printing factory front company in September 1997. It was my brother who installed the first machine in Yemen in 1993/94, at what I now assume was or at least could have been another al Qaeda front company, for “warehousing foreign nationals in peripheral areas”.

hsa yempak contact sheet copy 2

Dean wasn't present at the April 1997 machine sale in Chicago to al Qaeda’s fianciers, the Hayel Saeed Anam Group, but he was close enough to have played a directing role. He and the company owner, my Father, were sat in a cafe overlooking the exhibition hall, watching events unfold from above so to speak. Dean also declined the commission he was owed for the machine sale on his territory, worth several thousand dollars. I assume that was to leave no paper trail between himself and al Qaeda’s financiers, and I assume he’d already been handsomely rewarded for his efforts anyway. With regard to the US embassy sourcing explosive chemicals for the same company in 1996, whilst I bet there’s no paper trail to Dean for that export opportunity, I’d be very surprised if he was not connected to their supply in some way.

The US embassy’s contact for the purchase of explosive chemicals was the Hayel Saeed Anam Group General Manager, Mohamad A Salem. The Hayel Saeed Anam Group General Manager who was my guide during my visit there was call Mohamad, as shown in this photo. I guess they are the same men.

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