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By Anthony C Heaford, 18 January 2021 

Al Qa’idah town, besides al Qaeda’s base

26 September 1997  On the last day of a six-day business trip to Yemen I was taken by Mohamad A Salem (the general manager of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ in Taiz) to a clandestine and unscheduled meeting at a secluded base in Yemen. The meeting was terminated at my behest and I left the base within 15-minutes without a word having been said. It was not until November 2017 that I identified the name of the town 1-mile from the base I had visited - it is called al Qa’idah, “The Base”.

al qaidah al qaeda town

February 2009  A day or two before joining the British army I called British Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) to describe my 1997 experiences in Yemen. When I mentioned the name of the company I visited - YemPak - the line clicked and a different person simply said “carry on”. I told them of my vague suspicion that I had visited an al Qaeda base. They appeared disinterested in my report and I was never contacted back.

April 2015 Over the course of several calls to the CTC I repeated the details of my experiences in Yemen that I'd given them in 2009. I stated I now strongly suspected this meeting was with members of al Qaeda. Again CTC expressed no interest in my report and have never contacted me back.

May 2015 I emailed a seven-page dossier deatiling my 1997 experiences in Yemen to multiple media outlets. This dossier contained significant new information that I had found through my own investigation. That dossier and a list of media outlets I sent it to are linked here. In the dossier I describe my journey to the base as follows:

[Journey from Taiz to Sanaa] ”On the way to the airport (factory car, manager driving) we made an unscheduled detour that i hadn’t been told about. We travelled off road to an isolated collection of buildings – one or 2 concrete single story – non descript. A couple of men and a Toyota pick-up truck or two were in a yard area. I was shown in to an unremarkable room with a long table and seating, was told to sit down and wait. c.15mins later c.10 men came in and sat down" 

Reprieve NGO Trash 9/11 Trial Evidence

15 June 2015 Human rights organisation Reprieve refer to al Qa’idah town in connection to a prisoner release from Guantanamo Bay prison, inferring there is no connection between the town and the terrorist organisation of the same name. The report was not signed and has since been deleted but it is very significant that human rights attorney Alka Pradhan was employed by Reprieve from 2013 to September 2015. In October 2015 Ms Pradhan became an employee of the US Department of Defense, assigned as a defense attorney to the 9/11 military commission trials. Here is the text of that original Reprieve NGO report:

"A simple mistake led to Emad [Hassan]’s 13-year ordeal. Bounty hunters abducted him while he was studying in Pakistan, and sold him to US forces for $5,000. In the confusion of interrogation, he told his captors that he knew about ‘Al Qa’idah’, referring to a small village with that name near his hometown in Yemen. As a result, Emad was taken to Guantánamo Bay.”

Newsweek Magazine Trash 9/11 Trial Evidence

18 September 2015  Newsweek magazine repeated the claims made by Reprieve NGO in a report by journalist Lauren Walker. This is the text about al Qa’idah town in Newsweek magazine's report, linked here: 18 Sept 2015:

"The town has no connection with the Al Qaeda terrorist organizations

The Velvet Rocket website Trash 9/11 Trial Evidence

22 January 2016 Justin Ames of The Velvet Rocket website visits al Qa’idah town and authors a report stating catagorically (but without a shred of evidence) that al Qa'idah town: 

"has absolutely no connection with the Al Qaeda terrorist organisation"

09 May 2017 I emailed a revised dossier of eight-pages to the Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) describing my 1997 experiences in Yemen. I describe the location of the base I visited as within ½-hours drive north of Taiz city, and a short drive from the main road. That eight-page dossier is linked here.

01 November 2017 I found my al Qaeda meeting location on google maps - as I zoomed out I saw the name of the nearby town - al Qaidah, “The Base". This is a meeting that I have long suspected may have been with al Qaeda, and had said so repeatedly to CTC dating back to my original 2009 telephone call to them. emailed this information to the British Counter Terrorism Command (CTC).

US Pentagon Attorney Trashes 9/11 Trial Evidence in the New York Times

19 December 2017 In a shamelessly self-promoting New York Times interview, the 9/11 trial defense attorney Alka Pradan, repeated the claims I believe she made via the Reprieve human rights organisation in June 2015, again making the assertion that al Qa’idah town has no connection to the al Qaedaa terrorist organisation. That New York Times interview with US Department of Defense employee Alka Prahan is linked here.

09 March 2018 US Pentagon based army officer Daniel Futrell contacts me expressing “great interest in my insight and knowledge regarding the subject matter you have researched”. Futrell says he is a senior investigator working for 9/11 trial defense attorney James G Connell. It was James G Connell who gave Alka Pradhan her job in the US Department of Defense in October 2015.

3 stooges new

April 2018 The 9/11 military commission investigators who proposed send a team of their people to Manchester to interview me over a five-day period refused to discuss my witness status with me. After having cooperating fully, sending them almost every detail of my experiences in Yemen by email, I declined their invitation to interview. I now believe it was a trap, one intended to discredit me, my evidence and testimony before leaving me hung out to dry. 

December 2019  Reprieve human rights organisation deleted their June 2015 report claiming the was no connection between al Qa’idah town and al Qaeda the terrorist group after I advised them by email of my visit to the al Qaeda base besides al Qa’idah town. They have since republished the report, ommitting the spurious claim about al Qa’idah town but have failed to publish a correction to their original report. I suspect that Repieve was unwittingly used by Alka Pradhan to place CIA disinformation in the public domain and it was that action by Pradhan that got her a job at the US Department of Defense, working with James G Connell - one of the most shameless showmen I’ve ever witnessed.


Associated Maps

hsa aq new overview

This image with a green route arrow marks the entrance to the base and the yellow star marks the building I visited briefly on 26 September 1997:

al qaeda meeting place copy

This image shows that the collection of buildings I visited in 1997 was in fact just the entrance to an entire valley which was likely all occupied by the al Qaeda terrorist organisation:

al qaidah valley
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