9/11 and the Hamburg Cell

by Anthony C Heaford - 16 March 2019

The Hamburg Cell

The core members of the 9/11 attack plot were four men of various nationalities who all resided in Hamburg, Germany from about September 1997. Three of those men went on to be pilots in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The fourth core member, Ramzi Bin-al-Shibh, was unable to get a US visa and so was unable to participate in the attacks. He was arrested exactly one year after the attacks and is now imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay prison. Those four core members were:

Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian born hijacker-pilot of American Airlines Flight 11
Marwan al Shehhi
, the UAE born hijacker-pilot of United Airlines Flight 175
Ziad Jarrah
, the Lebanese born hijacker-pilot of United Airlines Flight 93 
Ramzi bin-al-Shibh
, the Yemeni born "key facilitator for the September 11 attacks"

There's plenty of evidence that these four men were already radicalised by September 1997, and that they were already preparing for participation in what they thought to be a ‘Holy War’ or Jihad against the USA. This is how the CIA presents the Hamburg Cell's initial recruitment to that cause: a random conversation on a train journey in 1999, less than 2-years before the attacks. The CIA assert that it was a conversation trigger by the fact they “were Arabs with beards”: 9/11 Commission Report (Page 165): 

This next section of the 9/11 Commission Report, shown below, really does beggar belief. It asserts that within a few months of having a random conversation on a train in Germany, they had been introduced to Osama bin-Laden and Mohammed Atefal Qaedas two most senior commanders. It also asserts that from a global organisation that'd been established for 10-years, al Qaeda chose four new and “aspiring jihadists” to execute the greatest terrorist attack in history, based principally on their “familiarity with life in the West”. 

What the 9/11 Commission asserts next takes their report from ‘beggaring belief’ and in to the realms of fairy-tales. It claims that within days of arriving in Afghanistan, they had met Osama bin-Laden and sworn an oath of loyalty to al Qaeda. It is then claimed that the al Qaeda second in command, Mohammed Atef, actually gave them a list of the 9/11 targets as their first mission. Even the commission struggles with this story line but it is still what they went along with and printed in their final report, on page 166:

The commission goes on to claim that the four  'aspiring jihadis’ were sent for ‘special forces training’ before being given bundles of cash and told to return to Germany to commence with their assigned mission. Again according to the 9/11 commission, the three Hamburg Cell members who were able to gain visas travelled to the US on their suicide mission within six-months of first joining al Qaeda in December 1999.


An alternative Theory

hsa yousef

The 9/11 plot was instigated on the 26th September 1997, the morning after my dinner conversations with Yousef.

An initial feasability study was immediately assigned to future Hamburg Cell leader Mohammed Atta. This was done via the Yemeni Hamburg Cell member Ramzi bin-al-Shibh. 

The connection between my meetings in September 1997 and the Hamburg Cell is my dinner companion Youssef. From facial recognition software matches, nationalities and the circumstances of our meeting I have determined Youssef and Ramzi bin-al-Shibh are either brothers or cousins.

My assertion is reinforced when a comparison is made between the two men in my blurred photo from 26th September 1997 and the two al Qaeda members Ahmed al-Darbi and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

Further validation of my theory comes from facts reported in the 9/11 Commission Report and from the best 9/11 research resource I know of, historycommons.org 'Complete 911 Timeline, as noted and linked below:

First Ramzi bin-al-Shibh returns to Germany after a visit to Yemen, sometime in late 1997, settling in Hamburg (Page 161).

About the same time cell leader Mohamed Atta appears to either attempt one last  reconciliation with those he is thinking of attacking (Western civilians and society), or is simply researching and preparing himself for the proposed attacks (Page 160).

And again in the correct time-frame, late 1997, Marwan al Shehhi applies to move to Hamburg to join the other cell members (Page 162)

Possibly most compellingly, Ziad Jarrah switches studies from dentistry in Greifswald (in northeastern Germany) to aircraft engineering in Hamburg (Page 163). Establishing the date of this course change request would be very 'interesting’.

From the historycommons website we can see the first hijacker visa applications connected to the 9/11 plot are made just 5-weeks after my meeting with Youssef in Yemen.

Historycommons reports that Mohamed Atta & Ramzi bi-al-Shibh ‘disappear’ from Germany for some months in late 1997. I would suggest they both visited the same training camp near al Qaidah town in Yemen that I visited in September 1997

Lastly from historycommons, this report that says within months of when I think the 9/11 plot was instigated by me in Yemen, a former CIA agent is told by one of the most valid sources possible exactly what was going on. A Qatari Prince & former head of Qatar's police force telles Robert Baer that “KSM is going to hijack some planes”. Former agent Baer passes this warning back to the CIA but recalls “there was no interest”.

I gave my last and most specific warning of the impending attacks when I was in New York in December 1997; clearly that and other warnings I gave were ignored. I’ve read about so many other warnings given by people far more qualified than myself being ignored too. And so I find it incredible that the CIA appears to have got away with their assertion that the Hamburg Cell had no connection to 9/11 until 1999, when a man on a train decided to speak to them, because “they were Arabs with beards”.

I pray every day that justice will prevail and those responsible for the previous and current investigatory  coverups of who is really most guilty for planning the murder of 2,976 people on 9/11. I also hope justice is dealt to those who are most responsible for not stopping the attacks before they happened. 

9/11  was 100% preventable and I know people CHOOSE not to stop it, mostly for their own profit.