2017 1 Nov - Meeting location pinpointed

al Qa’idah town, Yemen 
(pronounced al Qaeda)

On 26 September 1997 I wsa taken to a clandestine meeting in a secluded base in Yemen. I now believe that was my job interview with al Qaeda.

In 2009 I telephoned M.I.5 and described the location of my 1997 meeting with al Qaeda as being a 10 or 20-minute drive north of Taiz and 5 or 10-minute drive further cross country after turning right off the main road.

In April 2015 I repeated this location description to M.I.5 and in May 2015 I shared this same description with many mainstream news and media organisations. 

A September 2015 Newsweek magazine report declared:

"The town [of al Qaidah] has no connection with the Al Qaeda terrorist organizations
Author: journalist Lauren Walker

In November 2017 I found my al Qaeda meeting location on google maps - as I zoomed out I saw the name of the town - al Qaidah.

In a December 2017 New York Times interview with 9/11 trial defense attorney Ms. Alka Pradan, reporter Jeffrey Stern again claimed that the town of al Qaidah had no connection to the terror group al Qaeda.

The meeting location circled in the centre of this photo is 1/2 a mile from the outskirts of a town called al Qa’idah - pronounced al Qaeda:

After studying google earth for quite sometime I had finally found the exact location of my 26 September 1997 meeting. This is a meeting that I have long suspected may have been with al Qaeda, and had said so to SO15 in my 2009 telephone call.

al qaeda meeting place copy

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