— 2015, 9 February — Private Eye informed of Yemen’s 9/11 link

"9/11 Yemen/Saudi link anecdote"

This previously forgotten email proves that  on 9 February 2015 I was sharing information about Yemeni business links with al Qaeda and 9/11 with Private Eye political magazine . 

The Saudi led coalition attacks on Yemen started on 26 March 2015, about seven-weeks after I had sent this information to Private Eye’s London office.

 I had informed Private Eye magazine of this “information” in an attempt to validate another piece of intelligence that I wanted them to report. I now realise why they did not follow-up on this anecdote and did a shameful hatchet job on the other first-hand information I passed them regarding British army complicity in opium production

Private Eye magazine and its editor Ian Hislop are part of the establishment.