The 9/11 Timeline

by Anthony C Heaford - Updated July 2019

In September 1997 I was unwittingly introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other members of al Qaeda during a business trip to Yemen. 

These meetings occurred after I had spoken about my fears of hijacked civilian aircraft being used as kamikaze piloted guided missiles to attack the World Trade Centre.

Below is a chronological record of my experiences and subsequent investigations:

New Information Entry: 1999 31 October, Added on 12 Aug 2020

Starting April 2015, I've spent three years of my life trying to recall, research and report every detail of my 1997 visit to Yemen. The first reply to my three-years of ceaseless reseach and report writting came in March 2018 when a US army officer working for the US 9/11 military commission contacted me, initially via Facebook messenger. 

That US army officer proposed sending a team of Pentagon based investigators to Manchester, England to interview me face-to-face about my visit to and meetings in Yemen in 1997. After having been refused witness status I declined that invitation to interview and am instead publishing my testimony and supporting evidence here, for all to see.

Link to photo and map gallery:

My statements here and elsewhere on this topic should not be considered accurate or definative accounts of events and must not be considered as legal testimony - I want to give that testimony in person.