2017 March to Nov - Multiple US Embassy contact attempt ignored

Link to .pdf file version of this page with images (my phone records of my US Embassy contact)

After calling the US embassy in London I am put through to the ‘regional security’ desk on three or four occassions, the first around March 2017, then June and finally in November 2017. I repeat my claims of having met al Qaeda members in Yemen in 1997 as sussinctly as I can each time before being told: 

”it will be passed up”
"somone will get back to you”   

When I ask for protection from repercussion to my having exposed al Qaeda’s operational structure and activities in Taiz, Yemen in 1997 they told me:

“someone will reach out to you"

My phone records to the US embassy, London:

Regional security office
CIA call 14 Nov 2017 1154

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it