1997, 2 December — Brooklyn, New York: - My clearest 9/11 warning

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On 2 December 1997 I gave my last and most specific 9/11 style attack warning whilst working at a print factory in Brooklyn, specifically asking several people to pass my urgent and desperate warnings to authorities. The two machine operators I was training had asked if I would be visiting the World Trade Centre (WTC) and I gave an emphatic “No!” in answer. I repeated my 9/11 style hijacking fears to them, saying I expected the group that bombed the WTC in 1993 to try again but using a hijacked civilian airliner as a missile. I told them I conceived the danger after seeing the complete absence of any security whatsoever at Logan airport. 

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They asked why I could not report it myself - I explained I was a in a foreign country and approaching any security agency with such a warning could have dire consequences for me if misunderstood. That’s when they decided to call Mr. Barkochba, saying: 

"This is the man to tell."  

I repeated my warning in detail to Mr. Barkochba and asked if he knew any security services. He responded that he did know ‘some important people in that field’ and that he would tell them - a vague but authoritative answer. 
That was when I felt I’d done everything I could to passed on my warnings about and fears of terrorists using a hijacked civilian airliner to attack the World Trade Centre.

I’d warned the airline inside Logan airport; I’d tried to pass on a warning to security service in Canada (via Bob Wilton of Sunworthy Decorative printers in Toronto) and now in New York I'd warned a man who intimated he had direct connections to the secret services. I gave Mr Barkochba my business card and ask him to identify me to the security services as the origin of this warning - I wanted them to contact me so I could share my fears directly.

The next morning when visiting the Empire State building I did consider going to the WTC to repeat my warning, but again a fear of being misunderstood (making a threat rather than giving a warning) prevented me. I had a good job, travelling the world and I did not want to risk that. I gave what I thought were sufficient warnings, but I was wrong. I am sorry.

I never received any response to my 9/11 style attack warnings, despite two people (Sunworthy factory manager Bob Wilton and Ultra-Flex business partner Dan Barkochba) saying they’d pass my warnings and business card to security services contacts. No one appeared interested or to care. That December 1997 business trip was the last time I was in the United States of America.

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