— 1997, 12 June — Canada: Print factory —  My 1st 9/11 warning

9/11 style attack warning passed to Canadian security services

Risking my job as an international field service technician whilst visiting a customer’s factory in Toronto I refused to start work until I was given assurances by the factory manager that my airline hijacking fear from the previous day’s flight would be passed to national security services with a sense of urgency. I very specifically said that the same group who bombed the World Trade Centre in 1993 would attack again, this time using a hijacked civilian airliner as a kamikaze pilot guided missile. The manager assured me he would contact the police or security services that morning with my very specific warning of an attack on the WTC with a hijacked plane flying from Logan airport.

June 1997 Sunworthy Decorative Ontario Canada

I spent the next week at this same company, a wallpaper printing factory called Sunworthy Decorative in Toronto. Having been told by the factory manager that my airport and airline security concerns had been passed on I did not raise the topic again.

This photo is from my Sunworthy Decorative visit, taken in June, the 24th or 25th week of 1997. I do not have a customer data base entry for Sunworthy Decorative and I have been told they closed down around 2008.

Note added July 2019

I gave my warning to a Canadian citizen because I did not know who to contact and feared being misunderstood, i.e. that I was making a threat rather than giving a warning. I did give the factory manager my business card and I did ask him to identify me to the security services as the origin of this warning.

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