1998 US Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

In 1982 a director of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) Group of Yemen gave his power of attorney to a known terrorist financier. After 9/11 that terrorism financier and the Swiss shell company he used the HSA director's power of attorney to open were added to US Treasury and United Nations lists of individuals and entities linked to terrorism financing.

That HSA Group terror funding link is detailed by Fox News here (click here to open .pdf file)


On 6 and 13 August 1996 the US embassy in Yemen sourced one year’s supply of industrial quantities of TNT component chemicals for the Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Yemen, via JOC.com ‘Export Opportunities’ page.

06 August 1996 Export Opportunities .pdf file, including key TNT chemical Toluene for HSA Group

13 August 1996 Export Opportunities .pdf file, including sulfur, nitric acid, sodium sulphate, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, all destined for the HSA Group headquarters compound at PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen 


In 1997 US diplomat Barbara Bodine became Yemen’s new ambassador. In a 2012 PBS interview she said: 

"When I got there in 1997, there was already an Al Qaeda presence.
We knew about it. The Yemenis knew about it. Everyone knew about it."

"Numbers [are] always impossible to know, but these people were primarily foreign nationals. One of the best ways to describe the presence is that they were largely warehousing lower-level people in peripheral areas.


During a September 1997 business trip I visited the Hayel Saeed Anam Group headquarters compound at PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen (Location: 13.586, 44.033), where I trained two men in a nearly empty factory (warehouse) who told me they were Pakistani (foreign nationals) chemistry graduates. I also met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed there and visited ‘The Base’ one mile from Al Qa’idah town (Location: 13.744, 44.154). My experiences in 1997 Yemen are detailed here (click to open .pdf file).


On 7 August 1998 TNT bombs exploded outside the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The first suspect caught and questioned by the FBI gave them the contact number he had used in connection to the bombings. That telephone number was in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. The FBI reported:

“... the would-be suicide bomber, al-Owhali, ran away from the bomb truck at the last minute and survived. However, he had no money or passport or plan by which to escape Kenya. Days later, he called a telephone number in Yemen and thus arranged to have money transferred to him… 



My 1997 business trip to Yemen was setup by Dave Dean, my employer’s ex-Special Forces US salesman. Dean’s sales agency specialised in "offering equipment, chemistry, electronics and supplies for the rotogravure industry”, as detailed in this .pdf file link (click here to view). I know from working with Dean that he had a very good working knowledge of the explosive chemicals used in the printing industry, including key TNT chemical toluene. Is it possible that Dean helped source/supply the industrial quantities of TNT component chemicals to Khalid Shekh Mohammed’s financiers the Hayel saeed Anam (HSA) Group? There certainly should be a paper trail starting at the US Embassy to follow to find out, althought I doubt that’ll happen. I will speculate that based on my knowledge that Dean helped setup my employer’s machine sale to the HSA Group, it is very likely he helped supply the explosive chemicals that were eventually used in the 1998 US embassy bombings that killed hundreds and seriously injured thousands in Kenya and Nairobi.

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