Clearing Osama bin Laden

Clearing Osama bin Laden

I don’t believe Osama bin Laden planned or had advance knowledge of 9/11 

My assertion is based on two principle facts:

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Evidence Against Abdul Rasul Sayyaf

There’s a mountain of 9/11 evidence against 1980s Mujahideen leader Abdul Rasul Sayyaf:, principally from declassified CIA and 9/11 Commission documents. 

Sayyaf employed, trained and mentored 9/11’s Engineer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) from 1987 till 1992, right-up until KSM embarked on his global terrorist spree. The February 1993 World Trade Centre bomber was KSM’s nephew Ramzi Yousef. Yousef trained in Sayyaf’s camps, learning bomb making skills during his holidays from technical college in Britain - studying electronics. Both KSM and Yousef were in the Philippines in 1994, planning and preparing the Bojinka plot.

And just two days before 9/11 Sayyaf sent the assassins who murdered the West’s best ally in Afghanistan two days before 9/11, Ahmad Shah Massoud - killed by assassins posing as journalists, journalists Sayyaf had hosted and vouched for. 

By framing OBL and the Taliban for 9/11, Sayyaf effectively set the trap that NATO so willingly fell in to - invading and occupying Afghanistan. Sayyaf’s justifications were two fold:

Wahhabi Donations
The betrayal of his protege Osama bin Laden was a favour to his longterm Saudi benefactors, the Western alligned Gulf dynasties that OBL threatened with his populism and opposition to Western occupation. 

Gain Power via a Proxy Army
The invading NATO army dispace Sayyaf’s own enemies in Afghanistan, the Taliban, giving Sayyaf a chance to run for President in 2014 (he got 7.1% in first round voting). In 2020 NATO expressed their “strong support” for Abdul Rasul Sayyaf

Inflame a Global Jihad
An invading Western army would dispa

Evidence Against Osama bin Laden

There is also a mountain of evidence against OBL, much of it originating from prisoner statements made under duress in Guantanamo Bay military prison and other torture centres. There’s also incriminating statments, purportedly issued by OBL himself.

In November 2001 US Special Forces found a video cassette in the ruins of a bombed house in Jalalabad Afghanistan. The video appears to show OBL recounting the planning of the 9/11 attacks and it was released to the media in December 2001.

My Conclusion 

NOTHING about our invasion of Afghanistan can be judged in perspective until the veracity of the above video is confirmed and until Abdul Rasul Sayyaf has been interviewed.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it