13.11.18 - The Looming Tower, a film review that wasn't


I was going to share my opinion and insight regarding the depiction of the FBI and CIA in the dramatized documentary “The Looming Tower”. I was going to focus on US ambassador Barbara Bodine and CIA station chief Michael Scheuer effectively blocking the FBI investigations of al Qaeda in Yemen, but I changed my mind after looking at this image again.

It shows US General John Nicholson meeting the one Afghan most comprehensively connected to al Qaeda and 9/11 - a man called Abdul Rasul Sayyaf.

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf had more to do with 9/11 than even Osama bin Laden and yet he remains untouched by our “War on Terror” and free from any pursuit of Justice. Whilst these facts can be in public view but remain unacknowledged then I can’t see my movie review would change anything.

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