Anthony C Heaford

I am a proverbial nobody but by chance, fortune and mis-fortune I have the following life experiences to share:

Bolivia 1994

I met Carlos Mesa (Bolivian President 2003-05 and 2019 Presidential candidate) and a German man who claimed to be a U-boat commander’s son and a former member of the Red Army Faction in Europe. The German claimed to be fermenting unrest in Bolivia and Carlos Mesa was there to give him a message from the then Bolivian President, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (also known as ‘el Gringo’). My friend and I left the meeting early so I do not know the outcome.

Yemen 1997

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During a business trip to Yemen I unwittingly visited an al Qaeda front company and was introduced to AQ members including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before being taken to what I think was a recruitment interview (I failed) at a town called al Qaidah. The US 9/11 military commission investigators have requested an interview with me (in March 2018) but I declined citing a lack of confidence in their judicial process (and because they would not discuss witness protection with me)

Colombia 2006

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I had a run-in and face-off with some paramilitaries in Tayrona, lodged with two men I believe were Afrikaans mercenaries in Minca and met ‘Adolfo’ in Santa Marta too. I think I have a pretty good overview of the paramilitary (ex-AUC) activity there and the transfer of cocaine production to Uganda by said men. I reported this on my website on 02 January 2019 and on 05 January 2019 humanrights activist Maritza Quiroz was murdered in Santa Marta

Afghanistan 2012

British Area of Responsibility Poppy Map

I served a six-month tour in Helmand with the British army and am a whistleblower of procurement corruption (£400-million), British soldiers guarding opium harvesting, fatal criminal failures of senior commanders, War Crimes (my evidence on this has been accepted by the ICC), etc.



Bottomline is I am not beyond moral reproach myself, but the testimony I have given here is both first-hand and of incredible significance. It is in the national interest to be known and acted upon. I hope people will focus on the message rather than the messenger" - Anthony C Heaford, 1st May 2018

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