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11 June 1997I predicted that terrorists would hijack a plane leaving Logan airport in Boston and fly it into the World Trade Centre.

Fifty-one months later terrorists hijacked two planes that had left Logan airport in Boston and flew them both into the World Trade Centre. 

On 11 June 1997 I had immediately warned the airline staff at Logan airport of the danger and I passed a specific warning to Canadian security services on the 12 June 1997. I gave a very specific warning when in New York in December 1997 too. I spoke about it as a cautionary tale to anyone who would listen; I now know that included, unwittingly, members of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s al Qaeda cell that was based at PO Box 5302, Taiz, Yemen in September 1997.

7 September 2012Whilst on guard duty on Camp Bastion’s perimeter I predicted that the Taliban would breach the British guarded section of fence using some new construction-site earthworks as cover and then attack the busy airfield.

Seven-days later fifteen-Taliban did breach the British 'guarded' fence within one-hundred-metres of those earthworks and did attack the airfield. Two of our American allies were killed in action.

About 10:30 p.m. on the 7th I was twice refused permission to fire an illumination flare after raising concerns that our defences were being tested. I wrote all my concerns in the tower log and on the 8th I told the guard sergeant about the changed atmospherics & lax guard posture.

I did not warn the US forces who occupied most of the operational area of the airfield.

12 July 2017 I submitted proof to Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye magazine, that in June 2015 he had published lies in a report by their defence correspondent Paul Vickers, an RAF Regiment Veteran. It was based on information I had passed to him but contained false accusations of complicity in opium harvest by a senior Afghan politician. 

Three months later Paul died suddenly from a previous well managed asthma condition.

9 April 2018 - In March 2018 the US Pentagon emailed me an invitation to interview, wanting to record a witness statement for the 9/11 commission. I decline this invitation to interview after my Pentagon liason could not clarify my witness status request for me. Their last email to me was 9 April 2018, saying that they are:

  ”sorry that you have not gotten the answer that you had hoped to receive."

QualificationBottomline is I am not beyond moral reproach myself, but the testimony I have given here is both first-hand and of incredible significance. It is in the national interest to be known and acted upon. I hope people will focus on the message rather than the messenger" - Anthony C Heaford, 1st May 2018

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