2018, 8th-12th June - Manchester, England - Pentagon declined

In March 2018 a senior US army officer working for the 9/11 military commission & Guantanamo Bay military court contacted me formally. He proposed sending a team of US Pentagon based investigators to Manchester, England to interview me about my 1997 visit to Yemen and my subsequent research and assertions, the principle of which is:

I can prove operational links between al Qaeda in Yemen in 1997 and the $10-billion/annum privately owned global conglomerate the HSA Group.

Anthony C Heaford 22nd May 2018

That emailed formal invitation to interview with the 9/11 military commission was copied to a US airforce Lieutenant Colonel working in US Defense Secretary James Mattis’s office *.

I have declined this invitation to interview from the Pentagon, citing a lack of confidence in the 9/11 military commission’s judicial integrity. I shall still make all my evidence and allegations available to the commission, just via this publicly accessible website, rather than as a part of their farcical and inhumane legal circus. I believe that by giving evidence to the US military commission I would become complicit in the wanton miscarriage of justice currently being overseen in Guantanamo Bay military prison and court facility.

Office of the Secretary of Defense, OSD = cc’d email address shown above, @osd.mil

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